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Glass or ceramic which is better

Pulished on Nov. 12, 2021

In our daily life, eating is sure to use tableware, now there are many kinds and styles of tableware, next, we will introduce to you, compare glass tableware and ceramic tableware, which is better, and how to choose ceramic tableware.

Glass or ceramic, which is better?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of glass tableware? Tableware made of glass has the advantages of good sealing and preservation, health and safety, strong heat and cold resistance, not easy to residual odor, wear resistance, beautiful appearance and strong practicability. However, glass tableware also has some disadvantages, that is, it is easy to break, in the case of improper use is easy to break, and if the glass tableware is eroded by water for a long time, its surface will be easy to generate white carbonate crystals, which is harmful to human body.

Glass or ceramic which is better

About ceramic tableware, there are also advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of ceramic tableware are easy to wash, slow heat transfer and durable. Its disadvantage is that the impact strength is weak, easily broken by impact. Moreover, ceramic tableware can not be heated directly with an open flame, and its cooking resistance is weak.

The above are the advantages and disadvantages of two kinds of tableware. Compared with each other, glass tableware and ceramic tableware have their own advantages and disadvantages. There is no better way to say which tableware is better. The specific choice depends on the user’s own will.

How to choose ceramic tableware

Touch with your hands. Don’t choose anything that isn’t smooth. If the flowers on the tableware surface are concave, it indicates that it is over-glaze color painted. If it feels bumpy, it will be better not to choose it.

Use your eyes. Don’t buy those with air holes. When buying, put the ceramic under the bright place to have a look. If the ceramic has small pores on the surface, or the surface has circles of white bubbles, do not buy it.

Glass or ceramic which is better

Turn the ceramic tableware upside down to text if it is swaying. Don’t buy anything uneven. When buying tableware, put tableware upside down on the table, if tableware uneven, wobble, do not buy it.

Tap with your hand, if the sound is not clear do not buy. When buying ceramic, tap the tableware with your hand. If the sound is clear, it means the quality is not bad. If the sound is cloudy, the tableware may have quality problems. Do not buy it.