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Brief introduction for Opal ware glasses

Pulished on Nov. 05, 2021

As we all know, tableware dinner items are necessary items in our daily life, and there is much different material for dinnerware, such as glass, ceramic, opal glass, stainless steel, and wood.

Brief introduction for Opal ware glasses
Garbo opal ware glasses tableware

According to the sales of various tableware in recent years, people’s acceptance and demand for white opal ware glass in different countries are increasing yearly. Based on our export data, the world comes from more than 20 countries on five continents, including the United States, Russia, Brazil, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and other different countries, nearly half of the world’s countries in the world are more and more fond of using opal ware glass tableware Among them. African countries such as Egypt and Algeria accounted for as high as 45%, and Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Jordan, and Dubai are not far behind at 39 percent. European and American countries such as France and Italy also like high-quality opal ware glass very much. They showed great interest in white opal ware glass, which is crystal clear, diverse in style, and cost-effective, accounting for 25%.  I personally think, there will be a further upward trend in the future for opal ware glasses.

Brief introduction for Opal ware glasses
white opal ware glasses dinner set

So why opal ware glass tableware is so popular among different countries? There are mainly 6 different advantages for clients to choose this material tableware.

1. Opal ware glasses are generally used to make different tableware products because opal ware glass has relatively stable performance and high hardness. At the same time, the surface is very smooth and simple, making it can be designed with a better appearance. And its thermal shock performance is also outstanding.

2. Because the opal ware glass is normally decorated with very beautiful designs, it reveals a simple and atmospheric atmosphere, so no matter what dishes are placed, it is very good-looking, and because the material is smooth, there are no pores on the surface of the product, it is difficult to breed bacteria, and can be guaranteed food grade safe for eating.

Brief introduction for Opal ware glasses
black opal ware glasses tableware

3. One of the characteristics of opal ware glass tableware is that it is light, transparent, and not heavy. It has the same transparent and light feeling as jade.

4. The edge and bottom of opal ware glass tableware are stronger than ordinary ceramic tableware in terms of impact resistance, which will reduce the children’s broken tableware injury chance.

5. opal ware glass tableware has stable performance, it can be directly put into a microwave oven to heat food, and it also can be put into a refrigerator to freeze food. Compared with other material tableware that is not resistant to high temperature or low temperature, it has more extensive functions and is more prevalent among people.

6. Opal ware glass tableware is brighter than ceramics and tougher than glass.