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Garbo plasticware products are mainly made from PC, PP, ABS and wheat straw such safe material. Our products Include plastic plates, plastic bowls, plastic cups, plastic lunch boxes, plastic chopsticks, plastic vases, etc.

Our PC, PP, ABS products have high-efficiency crystal-like effects, strong refraction, crystal clear, noble and elegant. The wheat straw tableware is stylish and elegant, simple but without losing the sense of design. It presents natural primary colors and smells a light wheat scent, as if being in a wheat field, breathing the breath of nature, returning to nature and originating from the truth. Our plasticeware have the characteristics of Various styles, beautiful appearance, environmental protection and health, light weight, anti-breaking, can be transported safely, and can be used in dishwashers, high temperature resistance which can bear from -20°C to 110°C. They are suitable for use in families, bars, hotels, restaurants, karaoke, poolside services and resort centers.

Garbo plasticware products sell well in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, South America and other countries. We have an experienced design team to launch different new products every month for our customers , OEM/ODM are also acceptable.