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Garbo ceramic mug is made of different materials, including porcelain, stoneware, and new bone china. Our ceramic mugs are with fashion design, special-shaped can be with handle and without handle. Garbo is a good wholesale supplier of ceramic mug for hotel, restaurant, bar, church, mall, leisure venues, casino, banquet hall, buffet, coffee shop, public area, etc.
The material for this type of Garbo ceramic mug is mostly high-quality bone china or porcelain, Patterns, Volume, and Shaped for the ceramic mug can be OEM and ODM. The small capacity for tea, or coffee from 30ml to 550ml. With many designs for garbo ceramic mugs, the surface can be smooth or with an embossed pattern.
Garbo ceramic stoneware mugs can be in all kinds of colors. Garbo’s skilled worker always makes the hand painting ceramic mug as a mug. Each worker is an artist, they make the mug as a unique artwork. No the same two ceramic mugs in Garbo’s factory.