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Garbo ceramic bakeware has a unique shape, delicate glaze and elegant handles. Elegant atmosphere, anti-scalding and easy to hold, it is admirable, so that you who love life can enjoy the food. The use of lead-free and chromium-free selected clay, completely food-grade environmentally friendly materials. Exquisite craftsmanship, long-term use as new.

Using reinforced porcelain materials, it is not easy to break, the texture is hard, the molding degree is high, and it is resistant to collision and impact. The porcelain has fine texture, soft whiteness, and strong light transmission, showing a texture and brightness that is different from ordinary porcelain. Low lead and low chromium are enough to guarantee quality.

One plate is multi-purpose, can be steamed, roasted or microwaved, and can be safely placed in a microwave, oven, steamer, etc. Anti-scalding and heat insulation, full materials, resistance to fall and heat resistance, direct use from refrigerator to oven, -20°C to 180°C hot and cold switching without cracking.

Convenient storage, simple and generous, low-key and elegant, can be stacked and stacked to save you storage space.

Provide LOGO customization service, 800 ℃ paste test process, can not be scratched off. The professional design team provides professional services and customizes exclusive designs for you.