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Can I buy Melamine dinnerware?

Pulished on Feb. 23, 2023

Can I buy Melamine dinnerware?
Melamine dinnerware

We Garbo International keep on offering various of tableware for all customers. Not only opal glass, ceramic dinnerware, we also start to provide melamine dinnerware from 2021. The product range includes dinner set, plates and bowls, mug, serving platters, etc. And they can be any colors, designs and shapes. Therefore, we would like to share with you some information of melamine dinnerware.
You may try best to find the most suitable tableware for your food, in order to keep all kinds of harmful things and toxins away from food. So before you buy melamine plates, you need to know what melamine is?
Melamine is a chemical and a component in plastic and considered safe for food serving. FDA states that melamine is safe for use but not allowed to heat the food with melamine dinnerware. Otherwise the chemicals in melamine will go into your food. In this case, it may cause harmful and unhealthy thing to your body. Therefore, we suggest you not to use any melamine dinnerware for microwave.
There should be some advantages of melamine dinnerware so we introduce this product range to our valued customers. So let’s go on to know what are they?

Break-resistant: Melamine is one kind of plastic, so it is strong and durable. You won’t worry about the breakage no matter it drops off from your dinner table, your hand, your kitchen cabinet, because it never be broken.