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Methods for removing unpleasant odors in plastic bottles

Pulished on Dec. 05, 2022

Does the offensive odors in the plastic bottles bother you a lot? Here are a few simple but effective ways to remove the smell in the plastic bottle. With these methods, you will have a good feeling no matter what you drink in the hot summer.

Soak in boiling water

For the new plastic bottles, there will always be an unpleasant smell in the bottles. Before using the new plastic bottles, prepare some hot water and pour the boiling water into the smelly plastic bottle. After filling the bottle, don’t forget to cover the lid of the plastic bottle and leave it for 10 minutes. Then, pour out the water in the plastic bottle and clean it by fresh water. At this time, you will find that the smell in the bottle become fresh.

Soak in salt water

First of all, use cleanser to clean the plastic bottles. After completing the first step, pour the dissolved salt water into the cleaned plastic bottle. Shake it evenly and leave it for two hours. Then, clean the inside of the bottle with fresh water. Finally, put some fresh orange peel or lemon slices into the cup and leave it for a few hours. At that time, you will get a pleasant plastic bottle.

Rinse with white vinegar

Firstly, clean the plastic bottles with cleanser. Then, mix the boiling water with the white vinegar and pour it into the plastic bottle. Remember to cover the lid of the bottle. After shaking the bottle for a second tome, rinse it with fresh water several times. These are all steps in this approach. This can remove the odor from the plastic bottles because white vinegar has the function of cleaning and removing odor.

Remove odors with baking soda

In the kitchen, we always use baking soda to make delicious bread. But did you know that the baking soda can be used to remove odor? There are only two steps in total. At first, mix a bottle of water with some baking soda and pour the mixture into the plastic bottle. When the plastic bottle is filled with dissolved baking soda, the dissolved baking soda reacts with the odorous substance in the bottle. Waiting for a few minutes, pour the dissolved baking soda out and clean the cup again with fresh water. After these steps, the unpleasant will disappear.

Rinse with milk

No matter what kind of milk can be used in this method. Like the second method, the first step is to clean the plastic bottle with cleanser. Then, put in two spoons of fresh milk. After tightening the lid of the bottle, shake evenly for a minute. This step is critical that requires the use of lactic acid bacteria in milk to destroy the bacteria producing odors in the bottle. Finally, pour out the milk and wash the bottle several times. After completing these steps, you can have a clean and fresh plastic bottle again.


In fact, whether the cup is prone to odor or not mainly depends on the material and quality of the cup. At present, the plastic bottles made of PP material or Tritan material are the most durable. Not only can maintain the freshness of the bottle for a long time, but these materials are high-temperature resistant and BPA free. Plastic bottles made of these types of materials are undoubtedly the best choices for daily use.

Methods for removing unpleasant odors in plastic bottles

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