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Why Wheat Straw Tableware are so popular in recent years?

Pulished on Jun. 12, 2020

Garbo started to offer wheat straw products from 2019. The products include wheat straw cup, mug, plate & bowl, sectional trays, casserole and so on. They can be multi-colors and any shapes, so very popular in the markets.

Why Wheat Straw Tableware are so popular in recent years?

But do you know what wheat straw is? Wheat straw in fact is also a kind of plastic material, with 50% plastic and 50% natural wheat straw fiber. Wheat straw plastic is eco-friendly, food safe and BPA free. It is a totally new and innovative product, can be a good option as daily tableware.

Ok, why are they popular? What are the advantages of wheat straw products?

1 Eco-friendly material: made of wheat straw and food safe plastic, free of BPA and all other unhealthy material.

2 Long-lasting time: it is strong as plastic. Such durable products can last for many years. No worry about the breakage when falling down, no like ceramic tableware or glassware.

3 Light-weight & easy-clean: the wheat straw products are all light weight, perfect for outdoor events like camping, parties, just stack them in your bag. Also, they are very easy to clean, save more time.

4 Multi-colors & shapes: it can be different colors, the top 4 popular color is pink, green, blue and milk white. For shapes, round, square, or oval and even animal shapes can be done.

Here we would like to recommend you 5 favorite wheat straw products.

Breakfast serving tray set: Every day we need breakfast. And this wheat straw serving set with a divided tray can hold one cup, one bowl and cutlery, perfect product as breakfast serving dish.

Why Wheat Straw Tableware are so popular in recent years?