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Why are ceramic mugs popular

Pulished on Aug. 27, 2021

Water is the source of life, the human body contains about 70% water, so it is very important to choose a safe water cup. There are many kinds of water cup materials, we commonly have plastic cup, ceramic cup, glass and stainless steel water cup and so on. Plastic water cup is very harmful to human body. Glasses are safe, but hot to handle and brittle; Stainless steel water cup price is relatively expensive. How about a ceramic cup? Ceramic cups are almost our most common products, whether for daily use or decoration, ceramics are frequently used. Ceramic cups are also the healthiest when compared to plastic and metal ones!

Why are ceramic mugs popular

Benefits of using ceramic mugs

1.Compared with plastic mugs, ceramic mugs have less risk of harmful gases and substances. Experts have confirmed that long-term use of plastic mugs may cause cancer.

2.Ceramic mugs are completely harmless, unlike metal mugs, which carry the possibility of ingesting harmful metals over a long period of time.

Why are ceramic mugs popular

3.Ceramic mugs is with corrosion resistance. Ceramic material can withstand acid, alkali, salt corrosion. Ceramic tableware can be put inside with food containing acid, alkali and salt. So it is a best choice for coffee mugs.

4.Ceramic mugs has better heat preservation effect. Because the thermal conductivity of China clay is low, this makes the ceramic mug has a certain insulation effect.

Why are ceramic mugs popular

5.Not easy to hide dirt. Because the inner surface of the ceramic mug is smooth, easy to decontaminate. Meanwhile, no organic chemicals, not easy to grow bacteria.

The more “plain” the cup, the safer. Because pigment in lead, chromium and other heavy metal composition is high, put boiling water or acid, alkaline drinks, these harmful substances are easy to dissolve out. You can touch the surface of the design when you choose and buy. If it is smooth, it is safe. If it is uneven, it will fall off with nails, so it is best not to buy it. In addition, the cup is affected by the static electricity such as computer, case, can absorb more dust, bacteria, bacteria, for a long time can affect health. Therefore, it is recommended to match a cover to the cup when using, and do not be close to the computer and other electrical appliances. At ordinary times, indoor air circulation should be maintained, and Windows should be ventilated to let the dust go with the wind.

Why are ceramic mugs popular

Ceramic cup is not only harmless to human body, and the design is diverse, but also can draw a variety of exquisite designs on the cup body, so it is loved by everyone. Seeing this, do you also have the impulse to change all the cups in your home to ceramic material?