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Why are ceramic gift cups so popular

Pulished on Aug. 20, 2020

Drink from glasses and ceramics is most safe choice, there is no doubt about it. Besides the advantages of non-toxic for drinking water and good heat preservation and heat insulation performance for drinking coffee, what are the other advantages of ceramic cups?

Ceramic cups are almost our most common products, which are frequently used in both everyday objects and decorations. Take ceramic cups for example, we also use a lot in daily life, but with the development of cheap plastic cups and metal cups, the number of people who use ceramic cups has decreased, but ceramic cups are the healthiest compared with plastic cups and metal cups.

Why are ceramic gift cups so popular

What are the benefits of drinking water or tea in a ceramic cup?

1.Compared with plastic cups, ceramic cups have less harmful gases and substances brought by plastic cups. According to experts, long-term use of plastic cups may lead to cancer.
Porcelain cups.

2.Ceramic cups are completely harmless, unlike metal cups, which have the potential to ingest harmful metals over a long period of time.

3.The molten iron does not come into contact with the charcoal brick directly because of the ceramic cup. The structural design alleviates the infiltration, erosion, erosion and other damages caused by molten iron and alkaline substances to the charcoal brick. Moreover, mullite, brown fused alumina and other advanced ceramic materials with low thermal conductivity have high erosion resistance and erosion resistance, can eliminate the embrittlement layer of large carbon brick.

Why are ceramic gift cups so popular

4.Ceramic cup is composed of materials with lower thermal conductivity than carbon brick, which ACTS as a layer barrier, thus reducing the heat loss through the hearth and hearth. Accordingly, the molten iron can be kept at a high temperature, which creates a good energy saving condition for converter production in the next step.

5.Due to the thermal insulation effect of ceramic cup, the heat loss is reduced during the blast furnace rest period, which is conducive to the normal operation during the rewind.

6.The penetration of molten iron is limited because the isotherm is close to the inner surface of the furnace lining and the brick joints are reduced by the slightly positive residual expansion of the refractory materials. This minimizes the risk of the hearth burning through.

Why are ceramic gift cups so popular

Ceramic cups are not only great for use, but also a great gift for your friends! If it’s a unique color-changing cup, then it’s even more innovative. Are you tempted?