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What is the color-glazed for ceramic tableware

Pulished on Mar. 18, 2022

With the development of society, the types of color glazes for ceramic tableware are increasing day by day,
which provides more favorable conditions for the creation of ceramic art. But it takes a long process to master and use these glazes proficiently. How is the glaze color of ceramic items formed? What is the standard for the glaze color of ceramic tableware?

What is the color-glazed for ceramic tableware

Glaze is a colorless or colored glassy thin layer covering the surface of ceramic products. Different glazes have different colors, and the color of the glaze is called glaze color. There are two functions of glaze, one is to strengthen and protect the surface of the ceramic product, and the other is to beautify it.

What is the color-glazed for ceramic tableware

There are many kinds of ceramics, and the firing process is different. We have sorted out the commonly used classifications for ceramic tableware.

According to the body type: there are 3 types, including porcelain glaze, pottery glaze, and flint glaze.

According to firing temperature: there are 2 types, high-temperature glaze, and low-temperature glaze.

According to the characteristics of the glaze surface: transparent glaze, opaque glaze, crystal glaze, matte glaze, glossy glaze, chipped glaze, monochromatic glaze, flower glaze, and other types.

The most commonly used ceramic tableware product is matte glaze and glossy glaze for different colors. Hereby, we would like to recommend our top-rated ceramic mugs, ceramic plates, ceramic bowls, and ceramic tableware with color glazed.

What is the color-glazed for ceramic tableware

The Color-glazed ceramic mug, ceramic bowls, and ceramic tableware have different colors to choose. Rainbow colors glazed stoneware products are popular in supermarkets with favorable prices. The single-color glazed porcelain products are suitable for gift orders with small minimum order quantities.If you have your own special color glazed need to add to the ceramic tableware items, pls just feel free to contact us.