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top 3 Garbo plastic sports water bottles

Pulished on Feb. 07, 2021

After strenuous exercise, our body will lose a lot of water. I believe that most people feel very thirsty at the moment.

Water is the most basic condition for maintaining life activities. Maintaining the balance of water in the body can ensure the normal functioning of various functions of the body. Therefore, whether it is any sports or outdoor activities, it is necessary to replenish water in time. Therefore, a sports bottle cannot be lacking.

top 3 Garbo plastic sports water bottles
plastic water bottle

What should we care about when purchase:

In fact, there are not many factors that need to care about when purchasing sports bottles, most people just care about sealing and portability. Actually, as long as regular sports bottles, they will meet these standards.

The way of drinking water: According to different opening designs, there are three main ways to drink water. The first is drinking directly from the mouth; the second is by straw; the third is by pressing the bottle body to create pressure that makes water flow from the bottle’s mouth naturally.

The advantages and disadvantages of the three methods are different. The direct drinking type has large water output and drinking directly. The disadvantage is that when drinking water, it will distract the eyes because people’s head has to raise. It will be slightly affected. And when hydrating during exercise, the water may overflow due to vigorous exercise. The straw type just makes up for this shortcoming, but sometimes people may be so tired that you don’t even have the strength to exert water absorption, and the push type just makes up for these shortcomings.

The material of drinking water: Sports water bottles are generally made of these three materials: plastic, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy. Most outdoor enthusiasts prefer to use plastic materials for sports bottles, which are light, portable, and durable.

Recommend for Garbo plastic water bottles

top 3 Garbo plastic sports water bottles


Material: PC, no odorous taste or smell from bottle

Capacity: 1500ml

Description: large capacity sports water bottle with straw. The carrying handle on the cap and the shoulder strap on the bottle gives you the choice of two different ways to travel.

top 3 Garbo plastic sports water bottles


Material: made from 100% BPA and toxin-free Tritan co-polyester plastic to ensure that water is SAFE to your body and environmentally friendly

Capacity: 450ml

Description: outdoor sports water bottle with clever drinking cap, secure lid lock and the seal ring between the cap and the mouth ensure no leakage even if inadvertently falling on the ground.

top 3 Garbo plastic sports water bottles


Material: made from food-grade PC material and BPA free makes water is SAFE for your body and environmentally friendly

Capacity: 450ml

Description: glass design polycarbonate water bottle, high transparency with lightweight.

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