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Some tips for choosing a suitable ceramic cup for yourself

Pulished on Apr. 30, 2021

Ceramic cups are environmentally friendly, durable and practical. It is the crystallization of earth, water and fire. Using natural raw materials, combining with the power of nature and integrating with human science and technology, we create such necessities in our life. The invention of pottery is an important process of human civilization. It was the first time that human beings create a new kind of things according to their own will with natural things.

Some tips for choosing a suitable ceramic cup for yourself

Is drinking from a ceramic cup harmful to your health?

The ceramic cup is made of clay and has no toxic side effects. By toxic, we mainly mean its contain of lead and cadmium. Generally speaking, ceramic cups are usually decorated with colored patterns on the surface to make it looks good. Lead and cadmium are introduced by these colors. Usually the ceramic cups in the market should pass a strict test, their lead and cadmium dissolution should be accord with the country compulsive standard, Thus they are safe and reliable.

Of course, there also exist some small factories, they use inferior raw materials to save the cost and earn more money. Therefore, lead and cadmium will lead to excessive dissolution, it will affect human health with long-term using. So please do not choose the ceramic cups with unusual red or blue printing color, this type of ceramic cups will prone to be accused with exceeding of lead and cadmium. Pure color-glazed cups are generally safe and non-toxic, you can rest assured to use it.

The color decoration on ceramic cups are divided into under-glazed and over-glazed ways. Most of the over-glazed colors are pasted with colored paper, which gives you a bumpy feeling when you touch them. If the surfaced page is not done well, the paper will easily fall off, which will do some harm to the human body. Over-glazed ceramic ware can not be used in microwave, their pigment contains many minerals. Thus please try to choose under-glazed colors.

Some tips for choosing a suitable ceramic cup for yourself

How to choose ceramic cups?

A.First, notice if the lid fits the cup. As we know, ceramic lids can help to keep the water from cooling quickly. If the lid doesn’t fit properly, it could be defective and will affect the usage in the future.
B.Listen to the sound. Fingers flick, if it sounds clear and pleasant, then the porcelain fetus meticulous and dense. If the voice is hoarse, then it is inferior porcelain and not worth to buy.
C.Your mouth will touch the rim of the cup when you drink. So the top of the outside of the cup wall, that is, the mouth contacted place should not have a pattern, and the inside wall will be better without a pattern. Because these glazed colour decal contains trace lead and cadmium such heavy metals, not suitable for long-term use. It will be harmful to the human body.
D.Touch the surface. To check if it’s smooth and check if there are cracks, holes, black spots. If it is as smooth as glass, the product is better.

Some tips for choosing a suitable ceramic cup for yourself

In a word, when buying ceramic cups, usually only consider to buy a cup in its natural color. If you insist with color pattern, then it will be better to buy pottery cup with under-glazed color. It is not recommended to buy inferior heavy glazed cup with thick color painting. Heavy color often exceed the limit of heavy metals. If the surface is not smooth, or glazed surface is damaged, You can’t buy it no matter how cheap it is.