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How to use ceramic pot correctly

Pulished on Feb. 04, 2021

What do we need to do with new ceramic pots before using it?  Today we will answer it for you.  Because the inner wall of ceramic pot has fine pores, with a certain amount of water absorption, if not treated, may lead to leakage in the process of use, next we will introduce how to deal with the newly bought ceramic pots for you.

How to use ceramic pot correctly

1.Soak in 4% vinegar water and bring to a boil

Some ceramic pots are colored before firing, usually with chemical materials, which will contain some harmful substances to human health. Heating and boiling with vinegar water can remove most of the harmful substances on the surface of ceramic pot.  

2.Wash with rice rinsing water

The tiny particles contained in the rice washing water can block the tiny holes of the ceramic pots to prevent water seepage, so as to extend the service life.  

How to use ceramic pot correctly

3.Brush with a small brush

There will be a lot of small sand on the surface of the newly bought ceramic pots. At this time, it is best to choose a brush with soft bristles and move gently along the ceramic pot to brush off the small sand particles from the inner wall of the pot to prevent the sand particles from falling into the food. 

How to use ceramic pot correctly

4.Boil noodle soup or porridge first

After cooking soup or porridge, do not wash the pot first. It can be baked by the fire, make batter rice juice dry knot, so that it can block the tiny hole of the inner wall, after that you can brush ceramic pot clean.  This will not only prevent leakage, and boiling water will not emit sizzle sound.