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How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable

Pulished on Jun. 11, 2024

Ceramics are loved by people for their beautiful shapes and various patterns. Now, ceramics are no longer limited to appreciation and collection, but are becoming more popular in the market and applied to daily life. Ceramic tableware has also become a popular trend, more and more prople prefer to the ceramic tableware and use them frequently. However,  proper storage is essential. What are the precautions when using ceramic tableware?

How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable

1.For new ceramic dinnerware

If you want ensure the ceramic can be used healthily,you can soak and boil it in water containing vinegar to remove most harmful substances and greatly reduce potential harm to the human body. In order to extend the service life of new ceramic tableware, boil the newly bought ceramic tableware in salt water for a period of time at the beginning. In this way, the ceramic products will not break easily during use, which also saves money for your family.

How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable

2.When using the ceramic dinnerware

When using the ceramic tableware, just avoid sudden heating,cooling or high temperature differences. For example, do not put a heated porcelain bowl directly into cold water to prevent the rapid temperature change from damaging the porcelain or even causing cracks.

If the ceramic tableware is colorful and use the overglaze process, do not use it to hold acidic substances such as vinegar, juice, wine, coffee and other beverages for a long time. The longer the ceramic tableware is used to hold acidic substances and the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead and other substances harmful to the human body, which is equivalent to increasing the toxic side effects of lead dissolution.

How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable

3.How to clear a ceramic dinnerware

When washing ceramic tableware, please use a kitchen-specific neutral detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use a scouring pad or scouring powder to wipe the porcelain with strong force to avoid damaging the porcelain pattern.Also to ensure the integrity of ceramic tableware, please wash it by hand as much as possible and avoid using a dishwasher.Because the dishware will make the ceramic tableware more breakable.There is no problem put them into the disinfection cabinet.

How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable

4.How to store the ceramic dinnerware correctly

Strong ultraviolet rays can easily cause the color of the porcelain surface to change and the glaze layer to fall off. Therefore, ceramic tableware should be protected from and reduced from direct exposure to strong light and avoid storing them in the wet environment.At the same time,porcelain is fragile and easily broken, so try not to overlap them directly when placing them to avoid surface damage caused by friction between the porcelain.

How to store a ceramic dinnerware to make it more durable


The beautiful appearance of ceramic tableware can increase beauty and promote people's appetite. Only by these careful care and careful use can ensure that your ceramic tableware continues to enhance your dining experiences for many years to come.