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How to maintain the ceramic tableware

Pulished on Jun. 24, 2020

Ceramic tableware is used extremely wide in contemporary life. When people choose ceramic tableware, they usually consider their advantage and disadvantage. Moreover, the correct maintain method of ceramic tableware is also very important for keeping a long time usage.  Today we will talk about the advantage and disadvantage of ceramic tableware and some tips of how to maintain your favourite tableware.  

How to maintain the ceramic tableware

The advantages and disadvantages of ceramic tableware:


1.Easy to clean. Daily ceramic tableware with glazed decal is bright and delicate, it will be easy to wash clean after the surface is stained.  

2.Better thermal stability and slower heat transfer.  Daily-use pottery and porcelain tableware is not easy to burst after the rapid and sudden cooling changes of a certain temperature difference. This is an advantage over glassware because it is a poor conductor of heat, carries heat slowly, and is less hot to hold boiling water or food, making it easier to carry.

How to maintain the ceramic tableware

3.Chemical stability, durable.  This is superior to metal products such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc. Daily porcelain has the ability to resist acid, alkali, salt and the ability to resist the erosion of carbonate gas in the atmosphere. It is not easy to have chemical reactions with these substances and will not rust and aging.

4.China has few pores and low water absorption.  It is more convenient to store food with daily porcelain. After being tightly sealed, it can prevent the volatilization of water in food, infiltration and the invasion of external bacteria.  

5.Colorful painted decorations for choice.  Even with high temperature glaze color decal and blue and white decoration, it is free from the risk of lead poisoning. It can be used boldly and is very popular with people.  

The disadvantage of ceramic bowl is low impact strength, not resistant to falling, easy to damage, is a fragile product. In addition, generally speaking, it is not suitable for open fire for cooking utensils, and some are not resistant to cooking.

How to maintain the ceramic tableware

The maintenance method of ceramic tableware:

1.Boiling disinfection

Most of the ceramic tableware contains some elements, such as lead, which are very harmful to our human health. So the ceramic tableware that buys newly can use the vinegar of confluence of certain concentration water to undertake boil disinfect, it can help purify tableware above a few poisonous material.

2.Boiling in salt water

Newly bought pottery and porcelain tableware can be boiled in salt water for a period of time, which can make it not easily broken, thereby extending their service life, but also save money.

How to maintain the ceramic tableware

3.Clean after using

When cleaning used ceramic tableware, use hot water to dissolve the oil stains on tableware surface. After that, you can wipe thoroughly with a ball and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

4.Place correctly

Ceramic tableware is easy to break, so when placing, do not overlap directly, it can avoid the surface damage of tableware because of unduly putting.  

Visible, ceramic tableware have easy to wash, good thermal stability and other advantages, but also has low impact strength, not resistant to fall, easy to damage and other shortcomings, in addition, ceramic tableware in the use of the process must pay attention to clean maintenance, to avoid affecting people’s health.