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Do you know the max degree for using our ceramic bowl

Pulished on Aug. 07, 2021

There are many ceramic bowls on the market, and the ceramic bowl is one of them. So, how many degrees can a ceramic bowl stand? How to buy ceramic bowls? Let’s learn about it today!

Do you know the max degree for using our ceramic bowl

How many degrees does a ceramic bowl stand

Generally speaking, high temperature fired ceramic bowls can withstand the temperature range of 1260 to 1340 degree centigrade, there is no ceramic bowl below 1200 degrees. This is the ceramic bowl that we usually use, the industrial ceramic bowl can even reach about 2600 degrees.

Of course, ceramic bowls can be heated, please note that ceramic bowls do not choose the bowl painted, because it will affect the heating effect. In addition, pay attention to whether the edge of the bowl and plate has metal edges, metal material is not suitable for heating in the microwave oven.

Do you know the max degree for using our ceramic bowl

We can put the ceramic bowl into the microwave oven, set for 1 to 5 minutes, pay attention to the sound when heating, no crackling sound is high quality heat resistance, if you hear a very loud sound, immediately press the cancel button, take out the ceramic bowl. If the sound is larger, then it is not heat-resistant ceramic, not suitable for heating, easy to fracture.

The advantages of ceramic bowls

1.Good thermal stability, slow heat transfer. The ceramic bowl has the effect that it is not easy to crack when it is subjected to the rapid heat and sudden cold transition of the corresponding temperature difference. In this respect, it is superior to glassware, which is a poor conductor of heat and transfers heat slowly. It is used to hold boiling water or hot food, and it is not too hot to handle.

Do you know the max degree for using our ceramic bowl

2.Chemically stable and durable. It is superior to metal products, such as copper, iron and aluminum. The ceramic bowl has the corresponding acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt resistance and atmospheric carbonate gas corrosion performance, which is not easy to produce chemical reactions with such substances, and does not rust and aging.

3.Porcelain pores are very few and water absorption is low
Food is stored in a ceramic bowl. When sealed, it can prevent the moisture in the food from spreading and penetrating and the outside bacteria from invading.