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Do you clean your ceramics properly

Pulished on Aug. 21, 2021

Ceramic tableware is loved by many families, so how should ceramic tableware be cleaned and maintained? Let’s learn about it today!

Do you clean your ceramics properly

What are the key points of cleaning ceramic tableware

1.Always clean the ceramic dishes by hand. Do not use the dishwasher. If you really do not want to wash by hand, remember to choose a dishwasher with washing function of “for China and crystal”, so that the ceramic cutlery will not be damaged during washing.

2.For Gilt-edged tableware, please do not put into the microwave oven, so as not to corrosion. Not only will it not look good, the safety of the usage also can not be guaranteed.

3.Wash PH must be between 11 and 11.5. Beyond this standard, too acid or alkali washing environment is likely to cause damage to ceramic tableware. And when washed with clean water, the water temperature shall not exceed 80℃.

4.Never throw freshly used ceramic cutlery directly into the cold sink. If the hot cup is directly immersed in cold water, it is easy to make the temperature of ceramic products quickly change and damage the porcelain.

Do you clean your ceramics properly

5.It is difficult to avoid rubbing when using ceramic products. If there are scratches, you can use toothpaste to slightly sand. If the cutlery stained with tea stains and it is difficult to clean, you can choose lemon juice or vinegar to clean it easily.

How to maintain ceramic tableware

1.When cleaning ceramic tableware, you should use kitchen neutral detergent and soft cloth or sponge to clean, do not use a scouring pad or detergent powder to wipe the porcelain, so as not to damage the porcelain pattern. Moreover, because the porcelain is fragile, easy to break, so try not to directly overlap together, avoid the porcelain friction caused by surface damage. Handle with care to avoid hitting hard objects. If damaged or broken, please do waste treatment, handling should be careful, do not be cut.

2.Strong ultraviolet light easily causes the porcelain surface color change, the glaze layer falls off. So ceramic tableware should prevent and reduce the direct irradiation of strong light. In addition, after use, it should be cleaned as soon as possible, dried and preserved. Do not soak in dirty water for a long time, so as to avoid mold and smell.

Do you clean your ceramics properly

3.For bright-coloured ceramic tableware, do not hold acid for a long time, such as vinegar, fruit juice, wine or coffee. The longer the acid is stored in the ceramic tableware, the more likely it is to dissolve lead and other harmful substances, which can aggravate the risk of lead poisoning. Affect appearance of tableware itself not only, can produce bad effect to human body more.