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Brief introduction to wheat straw tableware

Pulished on Aug. 18, 2021

Tableware dinner bowls, plates, and chopsticks are essential tools for daily dining. There are many materials for tableware on the market, one of the more popular materials is wheat straw, but many people do not know much about wheat straw tableware.

Brief introduction to wheat straw tableware
wheat straw tableware

What is wheat straw material?

Wheat straw material is actually the stem and leaf part of wheat after it has matured, and is the remains part after wheat is harvested. Wheat straw is a multi-purpose renewable natural biological resource, its main components including cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, etc., of which the content of cellulose and lignin up to 30% to 40%. And cellulose and lignin and hemicellulose are important substances for making tableware. Therefore, wheat straw can be used to make tableware, especially when making disposable wheat tableware, without any chemical additives, only need wheat straw and plant starch, then can make it, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly.

The production process of wheat straw tableware

The wheat straw tableware bowl and plate are made of wheat straw, but also need to add some fusion agents to make the tableware washable, broken-resistant and reusable.

There will be a faint wheat fragrance that a qualified wheat straw tableware should have: the wheat straw is pulverized and ground into fine powder, and then add plant starch, water, and some fusion agent PP, after formed by high temperature hot pressing, shaped wheat straw tableware will come out. Different molds will form different shapes wheat straw tableware.

Brief introduction to wheat straw tableware
production process

 The fusion agent is made of food-grade PP material that meets national regulations, and wheat straw tableware is safer and healthier than ordinary plastic tableware. Moreover, it can be partially biodegraded to save resources and to be a healthy, safe, and environmentally friendly tableware.

wheat straw tableware does not contain any heavy metal elements and can withstand cold and high temperatures, heat resistant from -20℃ to  120℃ without being out of shape.

Brief introduction to wheat straw tableware

How to choose tableware made of wheat straw?

first, check whether the manufacturer has a production license and whether it meets the requirements of the General Administration of Quality Inspection, Supervision, Inspection, and Quarantine.

second, check the appearance of wheat straw tableware: whether the surface of the bowl is smooth, without cracks, and whether it is stable to place on a flat surface. Are the chopsticks vertical or curved? In addition, pay attention to whether the color of tableware is uniform or not.

third, check the smell of wheat straw tableware: there should be no peculiar smell or plastic smell, but should with a faint wheat smell. When you soak the wheat straw tableware in hot water, the aroma of wheat will be stronger.

forth, check the material of wheat straw tableware: It is safer to choose food-grade materials. For example, wheat straw materials + food-grade PP will be safer.