How to select a spatula

The selection and purchase of stainless steel spatulas, soup spoons, leaky spoons and other cooking utensils is relatively simple. There are not so many details to consider, but it will be very easy to use. Friends who have seen the stainless steel pot selection series before should remember that the standard for selecting stainless steel pots is three words: easy to clean. So it is very important to choose a good material of stainless steel spatula.

Many people spend a lot of time choosing a good pot, but forget to match it with a good spatula. During the six years of studying in the large rural areas of the United States, I often cooked by myself and practiced good cooking skills. I also spent a lot of time studying and selecting various kitchen utensils. Now I will share with you my experience in using various spatulas.

How to select a spatula

Iron spatula

It is hard and heat-resistant. It is suitable for frying and frying. It is not afraid of frying or boiling. It is really very convenient. In addition, iron will be released during use, which is beneficial to the body.

Its disadvantages are also very obvious and easy to rust. But if you often fry vegetables, the surface of the spatula will be sticky, and the probability of rusting is relatively low. In addition, modern forging technology will generally form an oxide film on the surface of the spatula to effectively prevent rusting.Due to its hard texture, the iron spatula is not suitable for ordinary coated stainless steel pans, but for traditional iron pans and honeycomb crystal stainless steel pans.

How to select a spatula

Stainless steel spatula

Stainless steel spatula is a kind of spatula widely used at present, which is convenient to use and will not rust. Like iron spatula, stainless steel spatula is suitable for most use scenarios.

There are many choices of stainless steel spatula. You can choose according to the size and depth of your pot. I usually use Vantage’s Huanghuali wooden handle spatula for cooking. The center of gravity of the wooden handle is very suitable, and it feels good to hold. Besides, it uses hollow heat insulation design, and it won’t be hot for cooking for a long time.

Wooden spatula

The wooden spatula is mainly made of some hardwood. It gives the impression that it is very original, has no obvious edges and corners, and has little damage to the pot. It is usually used for coating the pot. The wooden spatula is used to make delicious food, and it will also be stained with light wood fragrance. Its advantage is that it is basically applicable to all pots.

Silicone spatula

Silicone spatula Silicone spatula is a new cooking tool in recent years, applicable to all non-stick pans. The silica gel material with high temperature resistance (- 40 ° C-250 ° C) for cooking food grade is non-toxic and tasteless. Compared with the metal spatula, the silicone spatula can be bent, more fit the bottom of the pot, and has the characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance, non-stick pot, and easy cleaning.

It should be noted that when frying sweet food, the oil temperature is also close to the maximum heat-resistant temperature of the silicone spatula, although the silicone spatula is not deformed or damaged. If you use this method to cook food at home, try not to use a soft spatula, or use wood and bamboo.

Nylon spatula

The use of nylon spatula is limited. Its material will require food-grade materials, and it is not resistant to high temperature. It is not suitable for us who often cook vegetables.