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Garbo International Overseas Business Trip For Frankfurt Exhibition In Germany

Pulished on Jan. 31, 2024

Between  January to February 2024, Garbo International marketing department embarked on a dynamic trip to Europe, 

leading sales managers and design managers to the Frankfurt Exhibition in Germany for customer visits and market research. 

The purpose of this business trip is to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs and trends of the German market to better meet customer expectations 

while further expanding Garbo's business in Europe.

Garbo International Overseas Business Trip For Frankfurt Exhibition In Germany

Exhibition preparation: market research and product optimization

Before departure, the Garbo International marketing department conducted in-depth market research to understand the current status, 

potential opportunities and competitive situation of the catering industry in Germany and Europe. By analyzing market feedback and trends, 

they adjusted their product strategies, optimized existing products, and customized designs for the special needs of German customers to ensure that their products were more competitive in the market.So we took various designs products that suitable for the market and our regular best sale products to clients.

Arriving at Frankfurt Exhibition : discussing cooperation and product display

As soon as they arrived at Frankfurt Exhibition , the Garbo team plunged into a busy schedule. 

They conducted in-depth discussions with German customers and shared Garbo International's latest product series and design concepts. 

The sales manager introduced the company's service commitment and quality standards, while emphasizing the uniqueness of Garbo's products. 

The design manager showed Garbo's perfect balance of fashion and practicality by showing the latest design solutions.

And we showed our company introduction , our production line catalog and other data.

Garbo International Overseas Business Trip For Frankfurt Exhibition In Germany

Customer interaction: understanding needs and building trust

Face-to-face interaction with clients is one of the keys to this trip. Through in-depth communication, the sales manager and design manager learned in detail about the needs, preferences and special requirements for catering supplies of German customers. 

Not only does this help better align the product line, it also builds a trusting relationship between both parties.

 Garbo International has won the favor of German customers with its professional services and high-quality products.

Garbo International Overseas Business Trip For Frankfurt Exhibition In Germany

Market visit: feeling the pulse of the German market

In addition to exhibitions, the Garbo team also actively visited local catering markets in Germany to observe consumer shopping habits, restaurant decoration styles and the latest catering trends. These field surveys provide Garbo with more comprehensive market information, help the company better understand the characteristics of the German market, 

and provide strong support for future product development and market promotion.

Looking to the future: Garbo’s development blueprint in the European market

Garbo International's trip to Europe is not only an exploration of the German market, but also a strategic plan for the company's future development in the European market. 

By interacting with customers and industry professionals at exhibition in Germany, 

Garbo not only consolidates its position in the European market,but also lays the foundation for future cooperation.

Garbo International Overseas Business Trip For Frankfurt Exhibition In Germany

The marketing team shows its strength

Garbo International's marketing department's trip to the Frankfurt Fair in Germany fully demonstrated the team's strength and professionalism. 

By deeply understanding market needs, optimizing product design, and actively interacting with customers, 

the Marketing Department has laid a solid foundation for the company's expansion in the international market. 

This business trip is not only an exploration of the German market, 

but also a solid step for Garbo International to enter the international market.