Which material is the top choice for soup spoon?

It is generally believed that there are five kinds of spoons: stainless steel spoons, ceramic spoons, plastic spoons, wooden spoons and wheat straw spoons; Stainless steel spoons and ceramic spoons are usually used at home.

Wooden spoon

The soup spoon made of natural wood is the oldest kind of soup spoon. Since people began to cook food, they have used wooden soup spoons. The color and texture of wooden soup spoons are beautiful, safe and environmentally friendly, and the wooden spoon is non-toxic. However, the wooden spoon is prone to mildew and nourish bacteria. Therefore, special attention should be paid to disinfection and sanitation. The wooden spoon is environment-friendly and safe. However, the wooden spoon used must be unpainted. The natural wooden spoon is safe. There will be no harm to human health.

Stainless steel spoon

The stainless steel spoon is widely used in tableware. The stainless steel tableware has the advantages of corrosion resistance, fall resistance and durability. The stainless steel spoon is most suitable for boiling soup. It is more resistant to high temperature than the wooden spoon, and will not appear deformation and cracking. It is more portable and flexible than the ceramic spoon, and is not afraid of being broken.

Which material is the top choice for soup spoon?

Stainless steel spoons are made of stainless steel. Generally speaking, stainless steel spoons with a sense of thickness are better, while thinner stainless steel spoons are more sensitive to salt or high temperature, which may lead to chloride corrosion or heavy metal precipitation, affecting health. They also conduct heat quickly and are prone to burns. But its advantages are beautiful and durable, easy to clean, not easy to break, and easy to take care of.

Stainless steel spoons must be indispensable when cooking hot pots and soup pans.

Silicone spoon

Silicone is an environment-friendly and safe material, and it is durable. Silicone spoon is a tableware specially designed for infants and young children. The silicone material has passed the certification of scientific inspection. Don’t worry about adverse consequences to children.

 Which material is the top choice for soup spoon?

We won’t discussesd it more here, as we have mentioned it in the previous article.

Porcelain spoon

The ceramic spoon is made of nanometer raw materials. The surface of the ceramic spoon is extremely smooth, durable and beautiful. It is not only easy to clean, but also will not become moldy and deformed like the wooden spoon even if it is not soaked in water for a long time. However, the ceramic spoon is not resistant to falling and is easy to be damaged, and its fragments are easy to cut the skin. Be careful not to hurt yourself when using it.

Porcelain tableware is not moldy, and it is resistant to high temperature and does not contain dirt. It is the most suitable tableware material at present. Bamboo and wood are easy to get moldy. No matter how you wash them, there will be residues and bacteria on them. There is a great potential health hazard. The plastic material is more abundant, and the chemical composition will be released when it is boiled at high temperature, which is even more harmful than wooden chopsticks. Ceramic spoon is a good choice.

Wheat straw spoon

The wheat straw spoon is made of food grade PP and wheat straw. The wheat straw spoon can be biodegradable, harmless to human body, and does not absorb heat. It is not hot to use, and it is light and convenient. However, there is no standard, no grade and no industry standard for wheat straw spoons on the market.

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