How to select your best serving food tongs

Many people like to eat fried and baked food, which is not only delicious, but also can increase their appetite. Food tongs are generally made of food grade materials, which are healthy, environment-friendly, odorless, high temperature resistant, and can be directly put into the microwave oven for heating. It is very convenient and practical, and is an essential food tongs for the kitchen.

How to select your best serving food tongs

When purchasing food clips, we mainly focus on good materials, functions, and whether they are easy to clean.

The composition of the food tongs is divided into two parts: the handle and the mouth. From our experience, most materials are made of silica gel, plastic and stainless steel. Either a single one or a combination of two materials.

The following materials are mainly introduced to you.

1.Silicone and nylon materials food tongs

The main feature is heat resistant.We have different material for selection, such as 304ss,201ss,430ss,410ss and so on..

Because most of the silicone materials can withstand heat up to 200~300 degrees, even if they are used in hot soup or hot oil. In addition, it is soft and elastic like rubber, which is also suitable for gripping freshly cooked spaghetti or food materials with more water, without scratching the pots and pans. The anti scalding ability of silicone material is greater than that of stainless steel and plastic, so if you need to clip some hot food, it is recommended to choose silicone material first.

Nylon material, low heat resistance, is suitable for serving or serving.

The softness of nylon material is between stainless steel and silica gel, so there is no need to worry about scratching the pot. It is most suitable for turning over ingredients, picking dishes from the pan or serving lettuce salad. In addition, due to its smooth surface, it is not easy to hide dirt, and the cleaning work after use is also very easy and effortless. However, compared with stainless steel and silicone rubber, the heat resistance of nylon material is low. Please try to avoid being placed in high temperature for a long time to avoid deformation.

How to select your best serving food tongs

But its disadvantage is that it is not durable.

However, the disadvantage of silica gel is that it is easy to absorb odor, so you must pay more attention when handling food containing garlic and other ingredients.

2.Stainless steel food tongs

Its main advantage is durability.

304 stainless steel clip, it is mirror polished, exquisite workmanship, not easy to rust, more convenient to use, saving countless troubles; Three thread hollow out design increases friction and is convenient for clamping. Thickened stainless steel, not easy to break, durable, 304 stainless steel, multi-function oil.

How to select your best serving food tongs

But its anti scalding ability is low.

Compared with silica gel and plastic food clips, stainless steel food clips are easier to clean, and will not go mouldy and deteriorated in any weather. Silica gel and plastic materials, if not cleaned up after a period of use, will mildew in humid weather in the future.

3.Plastic food tongs

It is easy to use and can be hung after use. It does not take up space. The clip is made of high-quality PP material, round and smooth, without hurting hands. The seal design is tight, without air leakage. It can be used circularly, saving and convenient.

But it also has some disadvantages such as low temperature resistance, low durability and easy deformation.

All in all, When choosing food tongs, the material of silicone or stainless steel jaws is limited, while the plastic or silicone materials with heat insulation and tension should be selected for handshakes.