How to maintain the stainless steel cutlery to prevent rust

Do you know what material in our commonly used stainless steel cutlery is? Usually we use 304.430 or 210 material. Although its name is stainless steel, it also get rusting. It’s a pity that we throw it away in this situation, but it can’t be used also. Do you know how it get rusting?

How to maintain the stainless steel cutlery to prevent rust

Usually stainless steel has the ability to resist oxidation, which is the principle of preventing it from rusting. And it has corrosion resistance. It has a thin and stable oxide film on its surface, which can block oxidation, so it will not rust. However, in a certain environment, if this oxide film is damaged and the metal surface is continuously rusted, this is the cause of the rust of stainless steel that I just mentioned.

Do you know how to maintain stainless steel cutlery without getting rusting? Please note the following points:

  1. If the surface of your stainless steel cutlery is stained with organic liquids, such as after cutting vegetables and finsh dinner not cleaning it right away. Under aerobic conditions, the oxide film on the surface of stainless steel will be eroded for a long time, which will be destroyed and rust. Therefore, we should pay attention to the stainless steel tableware and clean it immediately after use.
  2. Try to avoid stainless steel cutlery touching acidic and alkaline . Prolonged will cause damage to the oxide film.
  3. If you encounter acidic and alkaline substances in the polluted air, such as a large amount of sulfide and carbon oxide, it will easily cause rust.

Therefore, we suggest that if we want to maintain the stainless steel cutlery, we need to clean it frequently to remove attachments. In addition, we try to use good quality products when selecting materials. For example, near the sea and humid areas, we try to choose 316/304 materials. Stainless steel.

The above is the key point we want to tell you today, let you know why stainless steel cutlery can also rust, at the same time you also learn the skills of maintenance and selection of products, so that the service life of your stainless steel cutlery will be greatly increased.