How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware and keep clean?

Because stainless steel kitchenware is durable and easy to clean, more and more families use stainless steel kitchenware. However, improper maintenance of stainless steel kitchenware is also prone to spots and “rust”. Improper storage of food can also lead to chemical reactions between stainless steel and food. This article teaches you how to maintain stainless steel kitchenware!

1.Keep stainless steel kitchenware clean.

Usually do not use stainless steel tableware to hold dishes overnight, because long-term contact with salt and water will cause tableware rust and deterioration.

How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware and keep clean?
Remember to keep the kitchenware clean and scrub frequently, especially after storing vinegar, soy sauce and other condiments, clean it in time to keep the kitchenware dry. In this way, kitchenware will not be corroded and have defects, and can maintain a beautiful image.

2. Do not use strong alkali for cleaning.

Stainless steel tableware should not be used for a long time to put acid, sauce, salt, wine, flour and other acid-base foods to prevent corrosion. Don’t let the tableware dry by itself, wipe it with a towel, and try not to damp the tableware during storage. Do not use strong alkaline or strong oxidizing baking soda, bleaching powder, etc. Because these substances will react electrochemically with stainless steel, which will rust the tableware. Rusting of tableware will not only affect its beauty, but also reduce its service life.

How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware and keep clean?

3. Extend service life can be coated with vegetable oil

Before use, a thin layer of vegetable oil can be coated on the surface of kitchenware, and then dried on the fire, which is equivalent to applying a protective film on the surface of kitchenware. In this way, it is easy to clean and prolong the service life.

How to maintain stainless steel kitchenware and keep clean?

4. Wipe off water stains before heating

After cleaning stainless steel kitchenware, the water marks on the surface must be wiped clean. Because when heating, sulfur dioxide and sulfur trioxide produced by combustion will produce sulfite and sulfuric acid after meeting with water, which will affect the service life of utensils.

Stainless steel tableware should be used frequently and should not be put away for a long time.

Do the above four points, not only will maintain the brightness of stainless steel kitchenware, but also prolong the service life.