How to distinguish wheat straw and ordinary plastic tableware

How to distinguish wheat straw and ordinary plastic tableware
wheat straw tableware

How to Identify:

1, hardness: wheat straw tableware’s hardness is larger, hard texture, is not easy to deform, and can be recycled many times. Tableware made of ordinary plastic hardness is small, and soft texture, people can deform the product with a little force, and limited use times.

2, heating: ordinary plastic tableware will produce unpleasant gas when burning, which is toxic and harmful to human body. High temperatures can also cause the plastic to break down its toxic components. Wheat straw fiber is a natural component, does not contain harmful substances, and will not produce toxins encountering high-temperature environment.

3, appearance: wheat straw tableware is meticulous in workmanship, with a beautiful appearance. The tableware made of ordinary plastic is coarse and generally white.

4. smell it. put the two kinds of tableware into the container with boiling water respectively. Generally, wheat straw is not pungent and peculiar smell, and there will be a faint smell of plants.

5. Burn it. Generally, the tableware which made of pure plastic materials will have a  pungent and unpleasant smell after being burned, and wheat straw can also be burned, but the taste is not so bad and pungent.

6, beat hard. generally pure plastic tableware is very tough and strong. But for wheat straw material tableware, is not so resilient, and can be easily broken under strong beating.

Wheat straw piles in the field are difficult to handle, and burning them will pollute the environment. But, if they can be processed into products, will not only realize resource utilization, but also can reduce environmental pollution. Wheat straw tableware production technology is piles of wheat straw, through the shredding, decomposition, pulping, shaping, cutting, and other processes, to make a pile of various tableware.

The main components of wheat straw are cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, glucuronic acid, protein, and minerals, among which the content of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin is up to 35% ~ 40%, and the effective components of disposable tableware production are cellulose and hemicellulose.

How to distinguish wheat straw and ordinary plastic tableware

Wheat straw tableware product features: 

1, high-temperature resistance, low cost, degradable, good toughness, no heavy metals, is a good environmental protection product.

2, wheat straw or starch and other raw materials, that want to be directly made into tableware need to add some fusion agent, fusion agent is mostly PP(polypropylene) or PET, so that the addition can achieve product molding. Substances are added to the tableware to ensure proper use of the product.

3, the level of additives must be the national provisions of the food grade.

How to distinguish wheat straw and ordinary plastic tableware