Heavy metals in ceramic tableware? Is it safe to use?

In daily life, we often use ceramic tableware, its pattern is diverse, colorful, loved by people. Some people say that beautiful ceramic tableware is poisonous. Tableware itself is non-toxic, its poison is from tableware surface painting material.

Heavy metals in ceramic tableware? Is it safe to use?

Why do ceramics have heavy metals

Ceramic cups are made by calcination of inorganic materials such as clay at a high temperature. The surface is coated with a glaze formed by high-purity clay. In order to create a variety of beautiful patterns, various pigments are used.

Therefore, the source of heavy metals in ceramics mainly has the following three aspects:

The first is clay raw material. Ceramics are mainly made from clay, which may contain heavy metals, through crushing, mixing, molding and calcination.

The second is pigment. Fine designs require paint, which may contain heavy metals.

Heavy metals in ceramic tableware? Is it safe to use?

The third is a cosolvent. Ceramic glazing requires the use of lower melting point lead as a flux, which will cause the risk of heavy metal lead in the ceramic.

In general, under-glaze and in-glaze are relatively safe because they are separated by enamel and do not come into direct contact with the food. The painting surface of the glaze color is directly in contact with food, in addition to its own health, it is easier to precipitate after acid, resulting in chronic or acute poisoning.

Can ceramic tableware be used at ease

In fact, our country has strict restrictions to the migration of heavy metals in ceramics, also have strict control standards to the pigment used for ceramic products, and also has strict regulations to the residual amount of heavy metals in tableware. In the process of producing ceramic products, there are also strict quality standards and specifications.

Heavy metals in ceramic tableware? Is it safe to use?

Do not buy unidentified ceramic tableware, as far as possible to the regular supermarket, choose the product of regular manufacturers, it is best to choose the product with detection report.

Avoid serving acidic food, such as tomatoes, vinegar and so on to accelerate the dissolution of heavy metals in ceramic tableware; When the surface of ceramic tableware is damaged, discard it directly!