Four tips to remove dirt from ceramic tea cups

For friends who love tea, the most vexing problem is that they often clean the tea stain on the porcelain cup. Tea scale is like water scale. Over time, it starts to build up on the surface of the teapot. For these tea scale, people often think that it affects the appearance of the teapot, or that it is not good for the body. In fact, it is a fact that tea dirt affects beauty, but whether there is harm to health, there is no exact statement at present. But it is certain that when the accumulation of tea dirt is too much, it is necessary to find ways to get rid of it. In many people’s opinion, to get rid of these annoying tea dirt, but also need a certain method, only rely on the brush, sometimes can not be effective. So, what are the good methods of removing tea dirt? If you learn it, you can get rid of tea tarnish very well. Let’s take a look.

Four tips to remove dirt from ceramic tea cups

1.Lemon peel

Tea stains are stains left on the surface of porcelain cups by tea water. I’m sure you all know the principle of acid-base neutralization. Scrub tea stains with an acid such as lemon peel or orange peel to help to remove tea stains. It is a clever using of this principle.

Four tips to remove dirt from ceramic tea cups

Scrub with the fresh orange peel or lemon peel directly into the porcelain cup and rinse off with water. You can also squeeze fresh oranges and lemons into juice and soak them in porcelain cups, then clean them.


If you have a thick tea stain on your cup, use toothpaste to help remove the stain.

Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a soiled dishcloth and scrub directly into the inside of the cup.

Four tips to remove dirt from ceramic tea cups

3.White vinegar

Tea stain is an alkaline substance because it is the dirt formed by tea residue. Add vinegar, an acidic substance, to neutralize the acid and base, so as to help remove tea stain.

Pour appropriate amount of vinegar into a porcelain cup, make the vinegar and tea stains evenly mix, and then wipe with a dish cloth.


If there are stubborn tea stains on porcelain cups, use salt to help remove them.

Four tips to remove dirt from ceramic tea cups

You can soak the cup in concentrated brine before cleaning it, or you can rub the salt evenly on the inside of the cup with your finger to remove the tea stains.

In addition, it is suggested that when you drink tea at ordinary times, you should form a good habit after drinking tea. Timely cleaning of the tea cup to avoid repeated accumulation of tea scale, so that it will not be very difficult to remove the tea scale at one time. Of course, with the above methods, with a cleaning ball or toothbrush, can also be very good to remove tea dirt.