A few tips for cleaning ceramic tableware

A lot of people don’t like to wash dishes, and they never do it properly. Cutlery must be washed immediately after use. So how do you clean ceramic tableware? Let’s take a look at some simple and effective ways to clean ceramic tableware.

A few tips for cleaning ceramic tableware

Wash the wall of the dish with Salt

Egg liquid is easy to stick to the bowl wall, and it will be not easy to clean off. At this time you can use salt to scrub the bowl wall and then wash it with water. It is an easy way to remove egg stains.

Wash the bowl with lemon peel

Adding a few slices of lemon zest to the dish-washing water to effectively remove odors from ceramic tableware. If the tableware is very greasy, you can use lemon peel to wipe, it is a good way to help remove the oil on the wall of bowl.

A few tips for cleaning ceramic tableware

Wash the bowl with rice washing water

Rice washing water is a good thing. It is much healthier and safer to use rice washing water than dish-washing liquid. What’s more, rice washing bowls do not hurt hands!

Add flour to dish washing water

A few tips for cleaning ceramic tableware

Add a spoonful of flour to your dish-washing water to take advantage of the adsorb ability of the flour particles to keep your dishes clean.

Of course, if you find it difficult to add something to the dishwashing water, you can make it simple and enjoyable by following these tips.

Sorting to clean

If you have a lot of dishes to wash, it is better to wash them separately instead of putting dishes, bowls, and chopsticks together in the sink. This will not only greatly reduce the cleaning time, but also make the tableware less prone to damage.

A few tips for cleaning ceramic tableware

Grasp the correct cleaning sequence can get twice the result with half the effort

The correct cleaning sequence should be cups and saucers, chopsticks and spoons, bowls and plates with less oil, and dishes with more oil.