6 Tips for Using Imitation Porcelain Bowls

When it comes to “disease comes from the mouth”, the first thing that comes to many people’s mind is to pay attention to food hygiene. Yes, eating unhygienic can affect your health, ranging from vomiting and diarrhea to hospitalization. If you want to prevent “disease from entering your mouth”, you need to pay more attention to food hygiene. Moreover, improper use of plate and bowl can also lead to illness!

6 Tips for Using Imitation Porcelain Bowls

Imitation porcelain bowl release formaldehyde exceeding standard, can cause cancer seriously

Now imitation porcelain bowls can be seen everywhere in restaurants. It looks like porcelain material, but it is much more collapsible than a porcelain bowl. What’s more, the price is much more cheaper than the porcelain bowl. Not only in the restaurants, at home some families with young children, also like to buy this kind of bowls for children. One reason is it ‘s not easy to break, second is children like colorful designs on it. However, the bowl is a huge health hazard!

6 Tips for Using Imitation Porcelain Bowls

It has been reported that some low-quality imitation porcelain bowls can release high levels of formaldehyde at high temperatures. After long-term usage with them, will cause digestive tract and respiratory diseases. It may also cause some blood diseases (leukemia) and more seriously cell concentration. The bowl in question is mainly inferior imitation porcelain bowl. The imitation porcelain bowl conforming to the national safety standard can be safely used.

When using imitation porcelain bowl, be sure to pay attention to the following 6 points

1.When purchasing, be sure to check if the product has QS logo, production license and implementation standard (QB1999-1994), which is the national standard for melamine plastic tableware. (The inferior raw material is urea-formaldehyde resin, and the qualified raw material is melamine resin).

6 Tips for Using Imitation Porcelain Bowls

2.Try to choose white and no pattern in the bowl, do not choose too bright color imitation porcelain bowl. If illegal manufacturers use substandard pigments, there may be excessive heavy metal.

3.Before using the tableware can be boiled in boiling water for 30 minutes, once the tableware appears white, bubbling, cracking, sending out a pungent smell and other conditions, it is best not to use.

4.Even if the quality of the imitation porcelain tableware, it is best not to contain strong acid (such as vinegar) strong base.

5.The imitation porcelain bowl can only withstand the highest temperature of 120℃, do not hold such things as hot oil, also do not put into the microwave oven to heat.

6 Tips for Using Imitation Porcelain Bowls

6.You should throw it after half of year usage, maximum one year. Beyond this period, it will slowly release toxic gases, so it needs to be replaced in a timely manner.

In general, it is more recommended to use safe and non-toxic ceramic and glass bowls rather than imitation porcelain bowls