Wholesale factory 6 inch full decal non-toxic unbreakable Chinese traditional style plastic rice soup bowl

Item No: GB329270

Material: plastic

Package:8pcs per carton. Export safe package

Usage: home, hotel,party

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What are the specifications of the plastic plate?

Item No.:SL1310153-H2
Top Dia.:157mm
Height: 66mm
Bottom Dia.:68mm
Package: 52pcs per carton. Standard export carton
Delivery time:with 35days after sample and order confirmed.



  • This bowl is made of high-quality plastic material. So this is non-toxic and without any harmful chemical material. You can use it to hold foods without any worrying.
  • The design inside is in Chinese traditional style. So it’s very classical and beautiful.  It’s not only a bowl but also an art piece and can be a good decoration on your table.
  • The 6-inch size is a suitable size for serving rice, soup, dessert…if you want to choose other sizes, we can also provide you with different sizes.
  • This is dishwasher safe, you can put it on the dishwasher machine after using it. And it won’t be scratched or damaged.
  • You can pile this bowl one by one, so it can save space in your kitchen and have more space to put other tableware sets.
  • A customized design is also available. With an official designer team, we can also help you develop your own designs and also we can provide our factory classical designs for you.
  • Because this is made of plastic material, so it’s very light and durable. It can be used for a long time.
  • A free sample will be sent within 7 days after that you have confirmed all of the details.

Wholesale factory 6-inch full decal non-toxic unbreakable Chinese traditional style plastic rice soup bowl

Chinese traditional style plastic rice soup bowl

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