It’s time to replace your polycarbonate water bottle!

Do you use polycarbonate water bottle when drinking?

Do you use polycarbonate water bottle when exercising?

Do you use polycarbonate water bottle when ……?

It’s time to replace your polycarbonate water bottle!

As far as we know, every family has at least one pc of polycarbonate water bottle in their homes. But do you know there is also a quality guarantee period for polycarbonate water bottle?

The Consumer Council of Hong Kong released an investigation report that nearly 30% of microwave-heatable plastic lunch boxes release plasticizers. This also means that plastic container products have a shelf life and will age after expiration. In addition, PET plastic bottles have previously been exposed to carcinogens-heavy metal antimony, and PET is currently the most used packaging material in beverages. Even if the product meets the standard, overdue use are also easy to increase the potential risk of antimony to the human body.

In this regard, more than 20 citizens were randomly interviewed, and none of them could tell the warranty of plastic container products. In the survey, the regular food-grade plastic products are more commonly used for three to four years or even longer.

“I only heard that the production date is marked, but the warranty has never been heard.” During the visit, some plastic product sellers showed reporters a few plastic products. Whether it was a water cup or a washbasin, there was no warranty.

Subsequently, the reporter contacted the manufacturer according to the contact information on a polycarbonate water bottle, and the company staff replied that at present the country only requires the labeling of materials, uses, production dates, precautions, etc., and there is no request for warranty period.

In shopping places such as urban supermarkets, when reporters asked how long plastic products can be used, most shopping guides responded: “when it worn out, you can change it. If not, just continue to use it. We really don’t know how long it will can be used.”

Remind: if use the polycarbonate water bottle frequently, it is recommended to replace every two years

It’s time to replace your polycarbonate water bottle!
polycarbonate water bottle

How long is the warranty of a plastic product? Experts said that due to the use of plastic products and cleaning methods are different, which has a certain impact on the “life” of plastic products. And although currently there is no clear stipulation on the warranty of which material is plastic, the industry has a general view, that the warranty of most plastic products is three to five years.

Experts suggest that food-grade plastic products in daily life should be replaced every two years. After using for a period of time, people should check if there are discoloration, brittleness, and unevenness in the interior of the polycarbonate water bottle.If such conditions occur, they should be replaced in time.