Which one is better for stainless steel tableware and silicione tableware

There are many kinds of tableware in life, but the two longest used tableware raw materials are stainless steel tableware and silicione ableware. Which one is better? The following is a summary of stainless steel tableware and silicone tableware.

Tableware research report shows that trace metal elements in stainless steel will also accumulate slowly in the human body. When a certain limit is reached, it will endanger human health. Therefore, the following points must be paid attention to when using stainless steel kitchenware and tableware.Which one is better for stainless steel tableware and silicione tableware

1. Do not put salt, soy sauce, vegetable soup, etc. for a long time, because these foods contain many electrolytes. If they are put for a long time, stainless steel will also react electrochemically with these electrolytes like other metals to dissolve toxic metal elements.
 2. Traditional Chinese medicine cannot be boiled in stainless steel vessels, because traditional Chinese medicine contains many alkaloids, organic acids and other components, especially under heating conditions, it is difficult to avoid chemical reaction with it, which will make the medicine ineffective and even produce some more toxic compounds.
 3. Do not wash with strong alkaline or oxidizing chemicals such as soda, bleach, sodium hypochlorite, etc. Because these substances are electrolytes, they will also react chemically with stainless steel.

 Is the use of silicone tableware harmful to people’s health?

 Harmful substances in plastics will volatilize under high temperature. The main raw material of silica gel tableware is polystyrene. Polystyrene is non-toxic, hygienic and safe. However, styrene and some other volatile substances, including ethylbenzene, cumene and toluene, which remain in the polymerization of polystyrene resin, have small molecular weight and certain toxicity. In particular, styrene monomer can inhibit the fertility of rats and reduce the average weight of liver and kidney. In addition, plastics are not easy to recycle and decay, resulting in land degradation. In nature, the degradation cycle takes 200-400 years, and incineration releases a large amount of harmful gases.

Which one is better for stainless steel tableware and silicione tableware

In order to save costs, some manufacturers use other similar silica gel materials to pretend to be silica gel materials. They have similar hardness, feel and elasticity to silica gel materials. It is difficult to judge true and false intuitively. As a large-scale silica gel kitchenware manufacturer at home and abroad, let’s take a look at Shisheng silica gel and teach you how to identify the authenticity of silicone kitchenware.

To explore the identification method of silicone kitchenware.

 1. From the aspect of characteristics

In terms of characteristics, silica gel kitchenware products are non-toxic and tasteless products with good texture and no harm to human body. Generally, fake silica gel products are very good, and the silica gel foot pads achieve these effects. Fake and shoddy silica gel products are generally toxic, pungent and rough!

 2. In terms of hand feel

In terms of hand feel, the toughness and elasticity of silica gel kitchenware products are very good. It is not easy to permanently deform due to external force, and the hand feel will be relatively smooth. Is fake silica gel products easy to deform, and it feels rough, because there is no layer of grease like material on the surface of fake silicone.

3. Use flame for combustion

At the same time, we can also burn real and fake silica gel through flame, which is also very useful. Fake silica gel kitchenware products produce black smoke when burning, and the residue is black powder. Real silica gel products produce white smoke when burning, no matter what color they are, and the combustion residue is white powder.

4. Test by chemical method

Burn the silicone rubber, contact the smoke with a watch glass, collect the white powder, dissolve the powder in the hot solution of 40% strong alkali (60 ℃), take a drop of the solution into the test tube, add two drops of ammonia molybdate, heat it slightly, cool it, add a drop of aniline solution and 3-8 drops of saturated sodium acetate solution, and observe the color reaction of the solution. If there is blue, it indicates that there is silicon element, which is proved to be silicone.

Which one is better for stainless steel tableware and silicione tableware