Which materials are perfect for kitchen knives

There are many kinds of knives, including chopper, slicer, vegetable knife, peeler, ham knife, tomato knife, watermelon knife, bread knife, multi-purpose knife, etc; The integrated steel knife and steel clip knife are divided according to the cutting edge; It can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel and high carbon stainless steel knives according to materials. Now many brand tools are complete sets, and generally complete sets of tools also include tool sharpeners and tool holders.

Let me list some common kitchen knives.

1. Vegetable knife, used to cut vegetables, melons and fruits.

2. Leather knife, used to peel the skin of vegetables, melons and fruits.

3. Ham knife, is used to cut meat such as ham.

4. Tomato knife, used to cut tomato and other juicy and soft fruits with skin.

5. Watermelon knife,  is used to cut melon and fruit with thick peel and large fruit.

6. Bread knife, used to cut soft food with hard skin.

7. Multi purpose knife, especially suitable for cutting fish fillets, and has various uses.

Pay attention to the following points when selecting knife set

1. The surface is smooth. Only when the tool surface is smooth can it really resist rust.

2. The blade is sharp. The blade shall be sharp, straight and free of notch.

3. Comfortable to use. The handle design should be humanized and comfortable to hold.

4. Safe use. The handle of the knife should have a non slip design, so that it will not hurt the user.

What are the properties of a good knife set material?

1. High hardness and wear resistance. The tool must remove excess metal from the workpiece, and its hardness must be greater than that of the work piece material. Generally, the hardness at room temperature shall exceed 60HRC. The hardness of common high-speed steel is 62-65HRC, the hardness of cemented carbide is 89-95HRA, and the hardness of diamond is 10000HV. Wear resistance refers to the ability of tool materials to resist wear. Generally, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance.

Which materials are perfect for kitchen knives

2. Sufficient strength and toughness. In the cutting process, the tool bears a lot of pressure, but also has impact and vibration. In order to avoid blade breakage and fracture, the tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the lower the strength, and the more brittle the material.

Which materials are perfect for kitchen knives

3. High heat resistance. Heat resistance refers to the ability of tool materials to maintain their hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness at high temperatures. It is the main index to measure the performance of tool materials. The higher the heat resistance, the higher the cutting speed allowed by the tool. In addition, in order to facilitate the manufacture and sharpening of the tool, it is required that the tool has good processability; In order to reduce cost and improve efficiency, the economy of tool materials should also be considered.

Which materials are perfect for kitchen knives

4.Good processability. In order to facilitate the manufacture of tools, the tool materials should have good technological properties, such as forging, welding, heat treatment, grinding and other properties.

When the tool is rusty and not sharp after being used for a long time, what if you choose a sharpener? How to judge the quality of sharpening knife stick?

The sharpening knife stick is used to quickly repair the blade. It is suitable for slight wear of the blade, and cannot replace the sharpening stone. A good sharpening bar should be high in hardness (otherwise, the blade cannot be sharpened) and fine in texture (too thick will make the blade have large serrations). A good tool stick. When using it, the sharpening angle should also be adjusted according to the blade angle. Otherwise, a good tool stick will have no good effect.

Which materials are perfect for kitchen knivesWhich materials are perfect for kitchen knives