What’s the difference between nylon and silicone

Shouldn’t the pain be made of stainless steel?

Cooking utensils need to be heated at high temperature, which it is difficult to decompose at high temperature. Silicone and nylon belong to plastic category after all. If the handle of the spatula is well insulated, but nylon and silica gel are used for fear of decomposition of harmful substances in case of high temperature. Stainless steel is recommended for safety and can be used for many years. The service life of the silicone shovel is short, about half a year.

What’s the difference between nylon and silicone
Nylon shovel is suitable for non stick pot, but to choose the right seller, some Sanwu products are easy to break, curling, or to choose a verified brand. In this regard, European and American kitchenware products do better, and can not be listed without verification.

What’s the difference between nylon and silicone
Nylon plastic spatulas are usually made of pure PA66 or pp. now it is more common to use pure PA66, The advantage is that the price is relatively low and the production efficiency is high. The disadvantage is that it can not be used in the environment with high temperature for a long time, and it is easy to become soft; the silica gel spatula is not very clear.
For the non stick pan, there are three main differences between the silicone shovel and the wood shovel.

1.In terms of price, there is a difference between a silicone shovel and a wooden shovel. Compared with the silicone shovel, the manufacturing process of the wooden shovel is relatively simple, resulting in the relatively low price of the wooden shovel, which can save some money.

2.Wood shovel is different from silica gel shovel in operation flexibility. The weight of the silicone shovel is relatively light, the texture is soft, and there is no damage to the non stick pot. However, the wood shovel is heavy, and the operation is relatively inflexible, which will cause certain damage to the non stick pot.

3.From the safety performance comparison, there are differences, but each has its own advantages. The genuine silicone shovel has unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties and high temperature resistance. But in the purchase, if you buy inferior, the harm is greater. But the wooden shovel is relatively, the use performance last time some, but is superior in the pure natural pollution-free, is safer.
With the popularity of non stick pans, people tend to use spatulas that don’t hurt the pots. In addition to wooden ones, some are made of soft materials, such as silica gel, nylon or plastic. However, the use of these chemical raw materials made of the spatula fried vegetables, will not cause harm to our health?

When frying sweets, the chef uses a silicone spatula, and the oil temperature is close to the maximum heat resistance temperature of the silicone spatula. Although there is no deformation or damage to the silica gel spatula, we still want to remind you: if you cook food in this way at home, try not to use soft spatula, and use wood and bamboo material as the material, so as to ensure your health.

Wooden shovels are safer and more reliable. They should come first, followed by silicone rubber and finally rice husk. If we say that we are only used as shovels or rice serving tools in the rice cooker, as long as we do not use the silica gel spatula when the temperature exceeds the limit, there is no safety risk.

However, no matter what the texture of the spatula, are consumables, once damaged, must be replaced in time, in order to ensure our health.