What do you know about porcelain materials

According to material porcelain dishes can be divided into magnesia porcelain, magnesia durable porcelain, durable porcelain, High white porcelain and porcelain with under glaze color. The porcelain fired from different raw materials have different performance.

1.Magnesia porcelain

Magnesia porcelain is mainly made of magnesium-rich silicate minerals as the main raw material, and is fired at a high temperature of 1380 degrees. So magnesium porcelain tableware has high whiteness, high strength, high thermal stability and other outstanding characteristics. It is as white as jade, glittering and translucent moist, can be called the best choice of star-rated hotel tableware. Today, magnesium porcelain has been designated as banquet porcelain in the Great Hall of the People and Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, and has been selected as special porcelain in Beijing Palace Hotel.

Magnesia porcelain tableware has unique strength high, acid and alkali resistance, lead-free poison, besides, easy to clean is also its advantage. Withstand the shock of the kitchen, not easy to be damaged. More suitable for mechanical washing, high temperature cooking disinfection, electric oven continuous high temperature and microwave heating and other modern lifestyle. Magnesium porcelain tableware is selected by big hotels in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, and favored by foreign businessmen, becoming the “hot goods” of tableware exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.        
2.Magnesia durable porcelain

Magnesia reinforced porcelain tableware is made of magnesia stone powder and high feldspar powder as the main raw materials, and is fired at a high temperature of about 1340 degrees Celsius. Its strength is super high, brittleness is very low, high whiteness, glaze is bright and clean, her service life is 3-5 times that of ordinary ceramics, it is the ideal product that suits to make disinfection tableware in all daily porcelain at present. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, rapid cooling resistance, high temperature and not easy to scratch. It does not contain lead and other chemicals. It is a pollution-free green tableware and environmental protection tableware, and it is the first choice for modern hotels, hotels and disinfection tableware companies.  

3.Durable porcelain

The durable porcelain is made of high quality porcelain mud with aluminum and magnesium and other components. It is fired at a high temperature of about 1300 degrees Celsius. To make them recrystallize, magnetize into a substance, crash-resistant is its ability. The glaze is milky white and delicate to the touch.  The color glaze of aggrandizement porcelain is darker than magnesia qualitative aggrandizement porcelain, the tableware that is used on disinfection tableware market at present has been replaced gradually by magnesia qualitative aggrandizement porcelain and magnesia qualitative porcelain.

4.High white porcelain

The high white porcelain is made of high white clay and high white glaze and shell powder through scientific formula, and is fired at a high temperature of more than 1200 degrees Celsius. Then it will be painted and glazed again, and after a second high temperature firing, it becomes non-toxic, lead-free, harmless, and never fade, and is not easy to break. It is suitable for dishwasher washing. The glazed surface of this kind porcelain tableware is white with blue, suitable for buyers who search for the middle and low grade tableware.  

5.Porcelain with under glaze color

Porcelain with under glaze color is directly painted on the embryo before it is fired, and then will be fired after a high temperature for one time. The patterns on the porcelain are artificially painted and have artistic value. This kind of tableware products are different from the above porcelain.