The tips for cleaning porcelain tableware

A lot of people don’t like to do the dishes and can’t do them properly. Tableware must be cleaned immediately after using, so how to wash to make it clean?    

The tips for cleaning porcelain tableware

1.Wash the sides of the bowl with salt

Egg liquid is easy to stick to the bowl wall and not easy to clean off. At this time you can scrub the bowl wall with salt and then rinse clean with water. It will be easy to remove egg stains.

2.Wash dishes with lemon peel

Adding slices of lemon peel to dishwater can effectively remove odors on cutlery. If the tableware is very greasy, you can wipe with lemon peel so that will make the clean effect more better.

3.Wash the bowl with water of washing rice

Washing bowls with water of washing rice is much healthier and safer than detergent. It will not hurt hands and can also be washed very clean.

4.Wash the bowl with water mix with flour

Add a spoonful of flour to your dish-wash water, with the adsorbing power of flour particles will make your cutlery clean.  

The tips for cleaning porcelain tableware

If you don’t have any of these items around you or feel like adding something to your dishwater is a hassle, you can also make dish-wash simple and enjoyable by following these tips.  


If you have a lot of dishes to wash, don’t put the dishes, bowls, chopsticks, etc. in the sink together. Washing them separately is the best way. This will greatly reduce the washing time and won’t damage the dishes.

2.Correct sequence of clean

It is a principle to clean the tableware with smeary little firstly. The clean sequence should be to clean the fragile glass tableware such as cup and dish at first, and then the tableware with little oil such as chopsticks and spoon secondly, at last the most smeary tableware. You will get twice the result with half the effort.

The tips for cleaning porcelain tableware

Usually the new porcelain tableware need to be put into salt water to boil for 5 minutes, it can make them not easy to break, and also have disinfection effect. Regarding the porcelain tableware that does not use for a long time, they also need to boil with salt water to avoid bacterium to enter intestines and stomach and cause an bad effect to our health.  

Share with you the above cleaning tips, hope it can help you easily to handle dish-wash.