The production process for Melamine tableware

Melamine tableware is now a very widely used type of tableware. The reason why it is so popular is that its production process is simple and products are very cheap. It is very simple and comfortable to use, and its service life is very long.

Its production process mainly includes Several procedures such as preheating procedure, plain surface procedure, applique procedure, gold adding procedure, polishing procedure, inspection and packaging procedure, etc, are included.

The production process for Melamine tableware
Melamine tableware
  1. preheating procedure

Weigh the raw material according to the gram weight of tableware which is waiting for production with the raw material box, put it into a high sound wave, and preheat evenly, then the powder raw material is heated into blocks.


  • plain surface procedure

Pour the preheated agglomerated raw materials into the mold, start the mechanical plain process, and perform high temperature, high pressure, and solidification molding.


  • applique procedure

Cut the floral paper with finishing powder according to the shape of the flower, and stick it on the flat surface tableware as required. The decals should be pasted upright and should be in the right direction to make it looks beautiful and generous. After the flowers are pasted, the mechanical printing process begins.


  • gold adding procedure

After decal, the surface of the product should be evenly coated with polishing powder. Otherwise, it will affect the color and luster of the product, and of course, it cannot be spread too much. And after the product is solidified under high temperature and high pressure, its surface would be as bright as porcelain.

  • polishing procedure

After the product is produced, it must be polished, because the rough edge of the product, which is not conducive to people’s lives, would easy to cause damage to people’s hands and mouth; So polishing is essential.


  • inspection and packaging procedure

When polishing operations, enter the inspection link and strictly control the quality inspection. Initial inspection and re-inspection should be set up to eliminate unqualified products, and then store them for packaging.

The production process for Melamine tableware
Melamine tableware

3 tips to select the right tableware for your home

1. Understand the market

   Need to know the current market, especially the whole brand. Different brands have different specific situations, that will directly affect their quality. This aspect is very important to everyone. When you have a better understanding of the brand, then you can make a more appropriate choice.

  2, look at the specific ingredients

   You can look at the specific ingredients of the melamine tableware before you buy it. We must not only correctly understand these specific ingredients, but also make judgments based on this aspect so that the entire selection work can meet the requirements and choose the one we wanted. We can learn from a professional point of view during the selection process, which will have more guarantees for the overall quality.

   3. Don’t be cheap

  The quality of melamine tableware is really affected by many factors, which are directly related to the price. When choosing melamine tableware, do not choose cheap things to buy, pay attention to the quality, and then look at the price, so that you can find a more suitable one.

The production process for Melamine tableware
melamine tableware