The don’ts for using ceramic tableware

Ceramic tableware often appears in our daily life, it not only has practical value, but also have artistic value.  Although ceramic tableware is beautiful and useful, you should be careful when using it, otherwise it can easily be broken.  So what are the precautions when using ceramic tableware? Let’s take a look.  

The don’ts for using ceramic tableware

1.Beware of ceramic dishes with painted insides

At present, there are fewer ceramic cups with silk screen printing process on the market.  The effect of silk screen printing is very similar to that of baking flowers, but there is one disadvantage. It is easy to fall off during printing for a period of time, resulting in the loss of patterns.  If the schedule is not tight or the budget is limited, we recommend baking or sublimation printing.

Ceramic tableware contains lead, mercury, cadmium and other heavy metal elements, easy to cause liver poisoning and kidney sclerosis.  These harmful metals come mainly from the paint on the inside, so the more glaze there is on the ceramic, the more compounds like lead and cadmium there are.  When using ceramic tableware, try not to use bowls with painted walls to serve rice or soup, and also try not to heat bowls with painted walls in the microwave.  

The don’ts for using ceramic tableware

2.Under glaze porcelain is the safest

Because porcelain with under glaze color firstly color by the pigment, the pigment does not need to add lead. But the porcelain with in-glaze color will firstly color by the glaze and then with the pigment, the pigment should contain lead.  Compared with in-glaze color, under glaze color pigment is not easy to precipitate, relatively safer, it is recommended to buy and use.  Just remember to wash with hot water before using, and then soak with vinegar to filter out harmful metals.

3.Do not microwave utensils with metal decoration

If you must put ceramic ware in the microwave, be careful not to use metal decorated ceramic ware, as ceramic dishes with metal edges will release toxic substances when heated in the microwave.

The don’ts for using ceramic tableware

4.Who should be careful with ceramic tableware

① Mother-to-be: If the expectant mother uses glaze color ceramic tableware, unfortunately poisoning, the kidney will be greatly harmed.  When the metal accumulates in the bone, the immunity of the expectant mother will decline and the joints will be deformed, seriously affecting the healthy development of fetal treasure.
② Baby: Ceramic tableware contains heavy metal, baby may be poisoned after use.  Once the toxic substance enters the baby’s body, it will affect the baby’s health.  Therefore, mother had better not use ceramic tableware to eat rice for the baby, do not let the baby often touch ceramic tableware. Wooden tableware for the baby and stainless steel tableware are healthier choices of environmental protection.  
③ Patient: When you are sick, your immunity will decrease and your resistance will be poor. If you use ceramic tableware, your body will be affected if you are accidentally poisoned. It is recommended that patients do not use ceramic tableware containing heavy metals.