Is it good to drink with a ceramic cup

Ceramic cups are one of the most common cups in life. Due to the development of science and technology, there are various shapes and colors of cups.  Ceramic cups are a healthy choice for drinking appliances.  The ceramic cup is made of clay or other inorganic non-metallic materials, which is processed by molding and sintering. The ceramic cup has no pollution and can ensure the freshness of water.  So is it good to drink with a ceramic cup? The answer is yes. Today we are going to discuss together about the advantages of ceramic cups.

Is it good to drink with a ceramic cup

The advantages of ceramic cups:

1.Ceramics are easier to clean than other materials.  Most people have such experience, if it is a plastic lunch box, filled with some fried vegetables, especially after the large amount of oil, the oil will adhere to the above, especially difficult to clean, even with detergent, it is not easy to clean off.  If it’s ceramic, it’s easy to clean, and most of the time it just needs to be rinsed.  If the oil surface is relatively large, drop a little detergent, it becomes particularly clean, especially bright.  

2.Heat transfer is slow, safe and healthy.  Household goods, like those made of other materials, especially plastic, transfer heat so quickly that if you pour a cup of hot water, it becomes too hot to hold.  But if you use a porcelain cup, there is no such problem.  Another key aspect in terms of material and manufacturing process, ceramic cups are not only safe in material, but also can withstand high temperatures.  Quality qualified ceramic cup is using high-quality porcelain clay refining in the high temperature environment, containing no organic chemicals in the process of refining, therefore in the use of ceramic cup don’t have to worry about the harmful chemical substances to drink into the belly, and plastic cup often add plastic, which contain some poisonous chemicals, when we use plastic cup hot water,  Toxic chemicals are easily diluted into the water and enter our bodies with the water, and experts have said that using poor quality plastic cups could cause cancer;  And another common metal cup may contain harmful metals, which are also very dangerous to human health.

3.Long service time, corrosion resistance.  With the development of science and technology, some plates or bowls in the home also have stainless steel and other materials.  These are easy to use and don’t need to be hit or knocked, but they react with salt or other substances and corrode the container, affecting its durability.  But porcelain is different, porcelain has a very corrosion resistance, as long as the use of careful, do not fall on the ground, can be used for many years.

Is it good to drink with a ceramic cup

4.The products are environmentally friendly and pollution-free.  Ceramic cup can be said to be the most safe and healthy to the human body, so drinking water should be the first choice without colored glaze dyed, and the inner wall colorless ceramic cup.  In addition to the safety of the material, the ceramic cup has relatively good thermal insulation effect;  In addition, the inner surface of the ceramic cup is smooth, so bacteria and dirt are not easy to breed on the wall of the cup.  On cleaning, cup of pottery and porcelain also exists absolute advantage, the tea in cup below normal circumstance is soiled bilge usable toothpaste or salt is cleaned, touch stubborn besmear usable citrus skin is swabbed, already environmental protection is harmless again.  

5.Raw materials are abundant and prices are competitive.  The main components of ceramics are kaolin, clay, etc., rather than rare metals, which will not waste our living resources, nor pollute the environment, neither destroy resources, and non-toxic harmless.  The choice of ceramic reflects the understanding of environmental protection, the protection of our living environment.  Ceramic cup environmental protection, durable, practical, is the crystallization of earth, water, fire.  

Of course, nothing is perfect. There are advantages and also have some disadvantages, such as
The ceramic cup is easy to break and not easy to carry.