How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

Stainless steel Western cutlery is the utensils used in western food, including main knife, main meal, main fork, tea fork, etc. Now that Western food is becoming more and more common, the demand for Western stainless steel knives and forks is increasing. What kind of knife and fork is a good one? What kind of knife and fork is harmless to the human body? Now make a brief statement.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

How to accurately identify good quality stainless steel tableware? Using magnets to choose good quality stainless steel tableware is just one of the methods. When buying stainless steel tableware, there are a few things you should pay attention to. One is to buy products from regular manufacturers. The second is to see if the material and steel number are marked on the package. It is best not to buy too cheap stainless steel tableware, which is probably not food grade stainless steel.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

How to choose top-quality knives and forks?

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

1. Must choose 304 material. That is 18-8, and the second choice is 430material, 18-0.

2. The thickness is generally above 2.0mm.

3. If the surface has a mirror effect, the eyebrows can be clearly seen at a distance of 25 cm.

4. No small pits or scratches are allowed on the front, and no small pits on the back.

5. The edges should be rounded, bright, not mouth-friendly, and not chamfered.

6. The logo must be clearly visible, and the embossing lines must be obvious and three-dimensional.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

7. The fork teeth must be flush, the fork seams must be in place, not scorched or yellowed, and the trimming must be complete.

8. No foggy feeling and no fingerprints after polishing.

9. Polishing shall not have sand marks or hemp wheel marks, and cloth wheel marks are not allowed.

10. The shape of the handle has a hemming feel, and the tines also have a hemming feel.

11.100 pieces are placed neatly, and the overall height is the same when viewed from the side.

12. Forging: thickness/width: +/-0.4mm, total length: +/-1mm

13. Flat plate: thickness/width: +/-0.2mm, total length: +/-1mm

14. A certificate of origin of raw materials and an analysis table of material composition are required.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

It mainly includes knife, spoon, fork, tea fork, tea fork, fish knife, harpoon, steak knife, butter knife, common fork, common fork, rice spatula, cake spatula, salad fork, salad fork, Big round, small round, shell, fan, coffee, big soup shell, small soup shell, fruit fork, meat fork, two-tooth fork, sugar clip, bread clip, ice clip and other products.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set

What kind of dishes must be matched with corresponding tableware. You should also consider the style or a baroque style. It is best to keep the same (if you have the conditions to entertain guests frequently, there are indeed many sets of different porcelain and knife and fork).tableware and other tableware styles you entertain. For example, your plates and cups are in a simple.

How To Select High Quality Cutlery Set