How to distinguish between wooden spatula and iron spatula

When the silicone spatula was not popular, the wood spatula was considered the best match for the non stick pot. The wood felt good and had very good fire resistance. There was no need to be afraid of being hot and stir fry.
Frying can be applied. Because of its own wood aroma, it can sometimes enhance the distinctive aroma for characteristic dishes, which can be said to be an intelligent shovel in the family.

Wooden spatula

It is very easy to clean, but it is very easy to blacken or scorch in the whole process of application. Therefore, pay attention to put it in a cool place after cleaning. Maintaining dryness will make its service life longer.

When you in a supermarket, how to choose a better Wooden spatula?
Tip: when buying, people should try to choose wood materials with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance.How to distinguish between wooden spatula and iron spatula

How to maintain the wooden spatula?

  1. Microwave heating cannot be used.
  2. Do not expose to the sun to prevent discoloration or deformation
  3. Do not immerse the goods in water or other liquids for a long time
  4. Please put it in a cool place after application.
  5. please clean up and disinfect with boiling water at high temperature before applying the goods for the first time
  6. For the service life of wooden furniture, please click here. Do not put goods into disinfection cupboards and other special tools for disinfection and sterilization.

Iron spatula

China’s kitchen supplies are known all over the world, and a great contribution depends on the application of pig iron spatula. Nowadays, the of pure iron spatula is gradually taken away by stainless steel spatula, but it
As a traditional metal spatula, it is still favored by common cooking experts. Many people feel that using an iron spatula can produce some iron, just like a frying pan, which is good for their health.
Only shovel is very easy to rust, so we must pay attention to cleaning up, wash well, to wipe water and moisture. And the shovel is harder and easy to scrape the pot, and the iron plutonium in household is becoming more and more rare.

How to distinguish between wooden spatula and iron spatula

The pot shovel means that the ingredients in the pot are symmetrical when heated, and the seasoning is more rapid and convenientTherefore, the pot shovel is preferred to have strong safety function. If it is a common cooking iron pot, it can be used with steel shovel, wood shovel or silica gel; If it is a non stick pot, try to choose wooden shovel and silica gel shovel without damaging the pot, which is safe and durable.