How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

There are so many kinds of ceramic tableware in the market, so how to choose a set of high-quality ceramic dinnerware sets? Today we will tell you some tips for choosing the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets!

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

At present, everyone generally regards the food quality and safety such as cleanliness, freshness, and the presence or absence of additives as the first consideration before eating, and the bowl for temporarily storing food during the meal is an indispensable quality of tableware for our three meals a day. Safety is often overlooked. The materials of the dishes on the market range from ceramics, metals to wood and bamboo, and the prices range from a few yuan to a few hundred yuan. The patterns and styles are countless.

It’s very important to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets.

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

Generally speaking, ceramic dinnerware sets is diverse in shape, delicate and smooth, bright in color and easy to clean. It is the first choice for most families to buy ceramic dinnerware sets.

So how do we check the safety of ceramic dinnerware sets?

The quality of ceramic dinnerware sets can be identified by thermal shock resistance, microwave oven adaptability, water absorption, and heavy metal migration.

Thermal shock resistance is a characteristic index that shows that the ceramic product resists sharp changes in external temperature without cracks or breakage.

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

The adaptability of the microwave oven is tested because daily ceramic products have a certain degree of water absorption. During the cleaning process after use, the product body will absorb some moisture. The vaporization of moisture during the use of the microwave oven and the oven may cause the product to crack or break.

Very few products may evaporate too fast because the moisture cannot escape through the unglazed parts of the product, causing the product to burst in the microwave or oven.

Beware of excessive heavy metal tableware

Moreover, the biggest hazard of inferior tableware is whether there are heavy metals in it, and whether the elution of these heavy metals exceeds the standard.

According to data, in the process of making daily-use ceramics, lead and cadmium are prone to exist in the glaze and decorative patterns on the ceramic surface. When used to contain acidic foods, the amount of heavy metals leached out increases. Human blood, blood vessels, nerves, organs, immune system, etc. cause harm.

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

It even leads to the occurrence of many diseases. In addition, the harmful substances in low-quality ceramics are not only easy to dissolve in acidic foods, but also dissolve out due to heat. Therefore, it is not recommended to put inferior tableware in the microwave oven.

How to choose a set of high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

When choosing ceramic dinnerware sets, try not to use overglazed decoration, especially the inner wall of ceramic dinnerware sets. This is because when the manufacturer fires ceramic dinnerware sets, in order to ensure the effective combination of pigment and porcelain, some co-solvents are added. These co-solvents contain heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium.

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

When these heavy metals come into contact with food, they enter the human body through food. The ceramic dinnerware sets that you bought can be soaked in vinegar plus 10 times water for 2 to 3 hours and then boiled, which can precipitate toxic heavy metals and reduce the potential harm of ceramic dinnerware sets to the human body.

How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

In view of the fact that the longer the ceramic dinnerware sets is to hold acidic food or liquid, the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve heavy metal substances. It is not recommended to use ceramic dinnerware sets to store acidic foods and liquids such as juice, wine, coffee for a long time.

Tips for choosing high-quality ceramic dinnerware sets

  1. Touch it. Touch around the outer and inner walls of the ceramic dinnerware sets. If the pattern on the surface is convex, it means that the glaze is applied. If the ceramic dinnerware sets feels rough, it means the craftsmanship is immature, fragile and easy to knock.
  2. Look at the texture. Even if the ceramic dinnerware sets with rough texture does not contain heavy metals, it still has cleaning problems. At the same time, it is irritated by heat and cold, and it is easy to break.
  3. Upside down the cutlery, you can see whether the mouth of the cutlery is flat. It can also be stacked. If the ceramic dinnerware sets cannot be stacked closely together, the shape is irregular.
  4. Listen to the sound. Gently tap the tableware with chopsticks. If the sound is muddy but not crisp, it means that the ceramic dinnerware sets is rough and prone to cracks.
  5. Look at the color. It is generally not recommended buying ceramic dinnerware sets with strong colors, especially the inside of the tableware, which touches the food.
  6. Choose regular products. Choose ceramic dinnerware sets produced by regular manufacturers and passed national safety monitoring. It is best to put the tableware you bought back in acetic acid before using it.
How to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets?

Choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets is very important, this article is talking about how to choose the high quality ceramic dinnerware sets and suggest you some tips. We wish you could buy a high quality and nice ceramic dinnerware set.