How to choose coffee mug

Coffee is now an essential part of the workday, but have you ever wondered which cup to use? Let’s learn about it today.

How to choose coffee mug

Which mug is good for drinking coffee?

Most people drink their coffee in ceramic mugs because it is the healthiest way to drink coffee with mugs of ceramic material, moreover, compared with other mugs, ceramic mug provide a better insulation. At the same time, the ceramic mug is easy to clean. The only bad thing is that the ceramic mug is easy to break, so we need to be careful when using the ceramic mug, remember to handle it with care.

Some people like to drink coffee in a glass, which is also a good choice. The advantage of drinking coffee in a glass is that it is transparent and visually enjoyable, but the drawback is that it cools too quickly, making it unsuitable for those who prefer hot coffee.

How to choose coffee mug

Thermos cup is a favorite during the cold winter months, and it is indeed a perfect way to drink water. However, it is not a good choice for drinking coffee, because keeping warm for a long time will affect the taste of coffee.

After drinking coffee mug must remember to clean in time, if not timely cleaning, if you clean the mug when it is dry out, it will be time-consuming and also laborious. The worst way is to clean until the next time when you want to drink with the mug, it will cause bacteria during the time waiting, which is harmful for health, and moreover, the mug will produce odor.

Tips for Choosing a coffee cup

Don’t drink your coffee out of a metal cup. Metal mugs, such as stainless steel ones, cost more than ceramic ones. The metal elements composition in enamel cup are usually relatively stable, but they may dissolve in acidic environments and are not safe for drinking acidic drinks such as coffee and orange juice.

How to choose coffee mug

Disposable paper cups hide potential carcinogens. Disposable paper cup just looks sanitary and convenient, in fact, the qualified rate of the product can not be judged, whether it is clean and hygienic, and can not be identified with the naked eye. Some paper cup manufacturers add large amounts of fluorescent brightener to make the cup look whiter. The fluorescent substance can mutate cells and become a potential carcinogen once it enters the body.

Plastic cups are the easiest to trap dirt. Plastic is often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals, when the plastic cup is filled with hot water, toxic chemicals are easy to dilute into the water, and the internal microstructure of plastic has a lot of pores, hidden dirt, easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, plastic cups are not suitable for coffee cups.