Can ceramic cups be heated in microwave ovens

Generally speaking, ceramic cup can put microwave oven heating, high temperature will not produce harm to ceramic cup. When the ceramic cup is heated in the microwave oven, the ceramic cup will not be deformed or broken. Not all ceramic cups are suitable for microwave heating. For example, post-processed ceramic cups containing gold, silver, and platinum are not suitable for microwave heating. Generally, ceramic cups that are suitable for microwave oven use will carry the relevant logo or information can be found in the product details. Keep an eye out when you buy.

Can ceramic cups be heated in microwave ovens

Precautions for using ceramic cups

Colorful ceramic cups should not be frequently used in disinfect ark. The temperature of disinfection cabinet can reach 200℃ in general working condition. High temperature may lead to precipitation of heavy metals from the pigment. It will be harmful to human body.

Frozen ceramic cups should not be put in the microwave immediately. Experienced people know that ceramic cups just out of the refrigerator, if immediately put into the microwave oven, it may well be produce a burst.

Can ceramic cups be heated in microwave ovens

Some ceramic cups which are made of kaolin doped with metal impurities, are not suitable for using in microwave oven. If put in the microwave oven, may release toxic substances and should not be used.

What material is not suitable for heating in microwave oven

Common plastic products: Hot food will make plastic containers out of shape, common plastic will release toxic substances to pollute food. It is harmful to human health.

Metal ware: Microwave oven will produce electric spark and reflect microwave in heating, it will damage furnace body and can not heat food.

Closed container: When heating liquid, a wide container should be used. Because the heat generated by food heating in the closed container is not easy to be distributed, so that the pressure in the container will be too high. It is easy to cause blasting accidents.

Can ceramic cups be heated in microwave ovens

Bottle of food with narrow neck: even when the lid is opened, it expands due to pressure, causing explosion.

Do not put half-full bottles of baby food with the lid open or the original bottle into the oven to avoid the bottle breaking.

Can ceramic cups be heated in microwave ovens

The intolerant containers such as bamboo products and the glass products with concave and convex shapes are not suitable for use in the microwave oven.