Are you using your coffee cup correctly

During the competition, many contestants choose to use different cups to present the coffee, so as to reflect the different taste of the coffee in the mouth. The shape of the tulip cup makes the coffee easier to drink, ceramic cups are more insulated and give your lips a comfortable feeling when touching the coffee, Even the design of the measuring cup was taken into account to isolate the grease. The traditional culture of coffee determines the preferred use of ceramics as coffee cups. But recently, the choice of cups has become more and more free. The material choice of coffee cup is also a science. Today, let’s talk about it.

Are you using your coffee cup correctly

How to choose a coffee mug?

Drinking the same coffee, the shape and material of different coffee cups will reflect the feeling of different sour and bitter taste. There are three key points to choose a coffee cup.

1.The color on the inside of the coffee cup
Visual perception has a great influence on taste perception. If you choose a ceramic coffee cup or a cup with color inside, it is difficult to distinguish the color during extraction, and the judgment of shade is easy to distort. If you want to enjoy the amber color of coffee while drinking, it is recommended to choose a coffee cup with white inside.

2.The width of the coffee cup
Generally speaking, the tine of the tongue can feel sweet, the broadside and roof will taste sour and bitter respectively. A cup with an open body can fill your mouth with coffee, especially suitable for coffee with obvious acidity. Moreover, a long and thin cup will send the coffee straight down your throat, it tends to taste bitter.

3.The thickness of the cup wall
Ceramics are usually thicker than glass. Ceramic cups hold better heat than glasses and gather better heat. Now there are also double wall glass cup that retain heat better than single wall ones.

Tips: Usually when we drink single-origin coffee, we use bone China. The thinner wall, better to keep the feeling of coffee entrance. When we drink iced coffee, we are used to drinking from a glass.

Are you using your coffee cup correctly

The difference between glass cup and ceramic cup

1.Glass cup is the healthiest cup. Because it does not contain any harmful chemicals, drinking water with it does not have to worry about unhealthy ingesting chemicals. Besides, the glass surface is smooth, which is easier to clean. Just note that the heat conduction of the glass is not very good, so you need to shake the cup with a few hot water to preheat it and prevent it from bursting.

2.Be careful when choosing a ceramic cup. In order to show the three-dimensional feeling and beauty of the picture, some producer will paint on the surface of cup and then in the firing, this called glazed ceramic cup. The harmful substances in the paint of this kind of cup are easy to seep out, which can be harmful to people’s health. So it’s better not to choose this kind of cups.

3.Glass is a good choice, of course, ordinary ceramic cup and under-glazed color ceramic cup are also safe to drink, there is no harm to the human body. Glass has the advantages of beauty, sanitation, high temperature resistance and so on, but also has the disadvantages of fragile. Glass and ceramic cup have certain difference in material and color, you can choose according to your preferences.