7 steps for proper use of cutlery on the western food table

When you go to a western food restaurant, the proper use of cutlery should be learned by you. Here we will show you 7steps for the use of the cutlery, which makes you like a elegant lady and gentleman. Let’s look at the cutlery placement on the table first.

7 steps for proper use of cutlery on the western food table

The formal western dinner has 7 meals, in order of soup, salad, fish, meat, dessert, sand ice (or refreshing drink) and coffee, tableware placement and the order of meals are related. The main dish has a small dish in the middle, with napkins on it, forks on the left, forks up, knives on the right, and sharp blades toward the plate. The knives and forks on the left and right sides appear in pairs and are used from the outside to the inside, mainly for salad, fish, red meat or poultry. The top left is the bread plate and butter knife; the top is the dessert knife and fork; the top right usually has four kinds of goblets: water cup, red wine cup, white grape glass, champagne glass.

7 steps for proper use of cutlery on the western food table

Next, let’s learn about how to use cutlery correctly.

Steps 1: The napkin is usually rolled up and placed on the plate. After sitting, the napkin is spread out directly on the thigh.

Steps 2: Left hand fork, right hand knife. The use of knives and forks is divided into European-style and American style. European-style is to cut while eating, the middle does not need to change hands. American style is to cut a small mouth, then put down the knife, with the right hand fork to eat food, then put the fork back to the left hand, Then the right hand cut the next bite to eat, cycle.

7 steps for proper use of cutlery on the western food table

Steps 3: After ordering, the waiter will first order bread, this time will tear the bread into a size in the upper left bread plate, pick up the butter knife, put butter on the bread and eat bread.

Steps 4: Then the soup or salad comes, using the spoon on the right side of the plate and the outermost salad knife and fork on both sides. When drinking soup, hold the spoon with your right hand and scoop it the inside out, do not scoop too full.

7 steps for proper use of cutlery on the western food table

Steps 5: Here’s the main course — fish and meat. Usually we eat fish first and then meat, take knives and forks from the outside, if you forget the order, remember that the blade has teeth is the meat knife.

Steps 6: Lastly, it’s time for eating the dessert. The lovely little knives and forks above were for the delicate dessert.

Steps 7: The distinction between glass cups, the largest for water, the second for wine, the smaller for white wine, and the slender for champagne. Don’t hold the cup with your hand, just hold the handle with your finger, which is elegant and does n’ t affect the flavor because of the temperature of the hand.

After learning the above steps, did you know how to use the cutlery elegantly? Besides, if you want to know about details and have any questions, pls feel free to tell us and we will help you.

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