Wholesale under glazed flower design royal plain 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate

Item no: TC23006180-TH2

Material:  A/B Grade ceramic

Size: T180*H35*B117mm

Package:  60pcs/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Dinner food serving

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We are offering new Porcelain dinner plates wholesale for occasional as well everyday use. You can also use it for catering for home usage or any significant events.

Here you can buy Porcelain dinner plates wholesale at unbeatable prices. It enhances the beauty and grace of your dining. A delightful feast and a modern Porcelain dinner plate wholesale together to make an awesome combo.

Porcelain dinner plate wholesale comes in different sizes and shapes. These are solid and sturdy and don’t fade quickly over time—a perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary gift.

These Porcelain dinner plates wholesale are sleek and unique designs. Moreover, they are high-quality Porcelain dinnerware and are fundamental for a satisfying understanding along with a non-fading texture that makes them look aesthetic.

These are available in ceramic. They are robust, reliable, and intermediate in weight. You can easily carry these Porcelain dinner plates wholesale, neither too heavy nor too light.These Porcelain dinner plates are suitable for pizza, cake, pasta, fish and chicken meals, etc. Moreover, Porcelain dinner plates are dishwasher, microwave, freezer, and oven safe, which goes way beyond their prices and brings them among the top picks.

The surface of Porcelain dinner plates is easy to clean and grab, very smooth and extremely credible.
These Porcelain dinner plates make the people enjoy their feast and set the sight of the occasion you are using them.Porcelain dinnerware comprises different multitudes of parts and may encompass a large variety of products like smaller and bigger plates, glasses, bowls, spoons, and cutlery. It will make your food delicious and your events memorable. Keep dining!

Porcelain dinner plates offered on our website are extraordinary and beautiful for each possible purpose, like formal dinners, tea parties, and even luncheons. You can also use them at breakfasts, banquets, family get together, even as decorative or collectible appliances.

These Porcelain dinner plates come in extraordinary designs that are uniquely overturned through all items. These Porcelain dinner plates come in many colors, sizes, and designs to cater to a vast hub of likes and dislikes.

Porcelain dinnerware is made from the satisfactory integrity of the material, and longevity is assured if you use them carefully. We design each type of Porcelain dinnerware in a vast collection of styles such as formal textures and trendy and modern designs.

Visit our site for more different Porcelain dinner plates differing according to your preferences and requirements. You can choose from the curated sample of stunning Porcelain dinner plates from our website.

You will have excellent Porcelain dinner plates at such bounty qualities with meager prices. These Porcelain dinner plates are a perfect choice for any reason, even for individuals, and to buy in large numbers.

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  • This fine porcelain dinner plate series covers different sizes of plates and bowls, it could combine with a beautiful dinner set for dinning.
  • This fancy decor designs on the 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is under glazed decal, which is safe and healthy.
  • The 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is useful in any occasions, such as home, hotel, café, buffet, party, etc.
  • Multifunctional for this 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate, suitable for pizza, pasta, cake, fish serving, or chicken etc.
  • The 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is made under high temperature, up to 1250 degree, which owns a great durable ability.
  • Food grade product, this means the 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave and oven safe.
  • The 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is made of high grade porcelain to ensure quality and customers’ health.
  • This surface of this 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate is plain and smooth, and it’s easy to clean.
  • We have an own designer team to support customers with OEM designs on this fine porcelain dinner plate.

What are the specifications of 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate?

Item No.:TC23006180-TH2
Quality:A/B Grade
Advantage:Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher safety
Package:60Pcs/Carton, Bulk Packaging
Delivery time:30-35Working days

Wholesale under glazed flower design royal plain 7inch fine porcelain dinner plate

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