Porcelain first-class ceramic mug hot water drinking mugs big belly print drinks cup with handle and lid

Item no: TC09G18510/QT-539C

Material: A/B Grade ceramic

Package:  48pcs/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Water, coffee, milk, tea, etc

Capacity: 460ml

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  • All drinking mugs  are exported first-class ceramic mugs that suitable for quality test.
  • Our standard safe package is bulk pack,brown box pack,color box pack and pallet.Bulk package is much cheaper and save cost and it is also safe for delivery.Pallet package take much place in a container.Color box is suitable for market selling and gift shops.Brown box is more suitable for wholesale or retailed in a promotion shops.
  •  Creative cups are divided into stoneware cups, white porcelain cups, strengthened porcelain cups, bone china cups, etc. according to their materials.
  • Nobody can Resist its charm and good looking shape design,so it is very nice for people to use for water,coffee,juice,beverage drinking.
  • Fashionable, elegant style: People’s life tastes are becoming more and more fashionable nowadays, and ordinary ceramic products are difficult to be accepted and recognized by sellers.
  • We have a lot of products like daily glassware,black or white opal glassware, crystal glassware ,ceramics dinnerware , stainless steel cutlery and kitchenware.We can send our catalog to you if you are interested.
  • The painting of creative cups can be painted as you like. This is the testimony of your friendship. All cups are first-class ceramic cups.
  • Creative cup styles are classified according to their uses: music ceramic cups, color-changing ceramic cups, coffee cups, tea cups, advertising cups, gift cups, lovers cups, mugs, inner color cups, coated cups, and side color cups , Color-changing cup, bone china cup, milk cup, wide mouth cup, waist drum cup, full color cup, zodiac cup, special-shaped cup, cartoon cup, children cup, etc. The specific styles can be found on the company’s website, and can be based on customers’ own needs Choose your own creative cup products.

What are the specifications of porcelain cup?

Item No.:TC09G18510/QT-539C
Quality:A/B Grade
Top Dia.:69mm
Capacity:460ml/16.2 oz
Advantage:Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher safety
Delivery time:30-35Working days

Porcelain first-class ceramic mug hot water drinking mugs big belly print drinks cup with handle and lid

first-class ceramic mug


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