Ceramic new bone china water drinking mug coffee porcelain mugs custom logo advertising print cup

Item no: TC09X09300-1

Material: A/B Grade ceramic

Package:  48pcs/ctn. Export safe package

Usage:  Water, coffee, milk, tea, etc


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  • Mainly white presents a simple, clean feeling or mainly black presents a noble and quiet feeling with Majestic and mystery.
  • The arc-shaped handle fits the hand to prevent hot drinks to hurt your hands.
  • Smooth and delicate with round cup mouth,it is very comfortable for drinking.
  • The bottom of the cup is polished by hand for stable placement and it is non-slip and wear-resistant.
  • Professional machine for testing products that let your use more peace of mind and healthier.
  • Make life slow down with such a nice ceramic drinking mug in an enjoyable afternoon.
  • It can be used for blessings and confession,souvenir and logo group buy customization.
  • Respect nature and cherish everything,return to the beginning and be loyal to the original intention.
  • Inheritance of Chinese culture and creation by masters of art,which is very high end that suitable for a custom gift.
  • Our standard safe package is bulk pack,brown box pack,color box pack and pallet.Bulk package is much cheaper and save cost and it is also safe for delivery.Pallet package take much place in a container.Color box is suitable for market selling and gift shops.Brown box is more suitable for wholesale or retailed in a promotion shops.

What are the specifications of porcelain cup?

Item No.:TC09X09300-1
Quality:A/B Grade
Top Dia.:74mm
Advantage:Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher safety
Delivery time:30-35Working days

Ceramic new bone china water drinking mug coffee porcelain mugs custom logo advertising print cup

Ceramic new bone china mug


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